10 Awesome Baby Shower Gift Ideas for a Soon-to be Mum

10 Awesome Baby Shower Gift Ideas for a Soon-to be Mum


The stress of carrying a baby can sometimes be overwhelming for a soon-to-be mum. So, what way to help her relieve such stress than organizing the perfect, memorable baby shower for her and her unborn child. Mums deserve to be pampered and spoiled with loads of love, gifts and affection.

Baby showers have become an acceptable practice in most parts of the world. It is usually organized about 4 to 6 weeks before the birth of a child. Baby showers are majorly planned by family and friends of the soon-to-be mum, without her knowledge. It is an opportunity for relatives and friends to shower both mum and baby with gifts, to appreciate her, and give her a soothing moment.

Scouting for the perfect baby shower gift items to express how much you appreciate and cherish the expectant mum can sometimes be flummoxing. Well, not any more! Here are awesome baby shower gift ideas an expectant mum would love;

Baby Shower
A soon-to-be mum at her baby shower with friends. Photo credit: pexels.com

1. Crib

This is one baby shower item a mum would love to have. However, before making the decision to go for this, it’s important to have a heads-up from the prospective mum so as to know the kind of crib she’ll want for her baby as well as to be aware on whether she already got a crib. If she has, you can either opt for another gift item or choose decorative mattresses.

There are different types of cribs namely; Standard, Convertible and Mini Crib. A Standard crib is usually a traditional crib, which can be re-used for parents that want to have more children in a few years time. It is a comfortable, snug and solid crib. The Convertible crib is a life time crib. In fact, it can be used up till the adolescent stage of your child. It can be converted from a baby’s crib, to a toddler’s, to a young child’s and to an adolescent’s bed. The Mini crib goes by its name, it is a small crib which may not last that long as your baby grows bigger and may not be able to use it any more.

2. Diaper Backpack

The diaper backpack is another baby shower gift item you should get for a mum. It is a comfortable mini-sized bag that could contain all the baby’s needed accessories for an outing. The backpack usually contains diapers, toys, clothes and wipes.

3. Baby Changing Table

The baby changing table is a small table that aids the mum in changing the baby’s diapers. To create an aesthetic atmosphere, you could choose a changing table that matches the baby’s crib. To do this, you could get to speak to someone close to the soon-to-be mum to know the kind of crib they will be already have or would be purchasing. The changing table also contains drawers or shelves where diapers, baby creams and ointments, and wipes can be stored.

4. Toys

Toys are one crucial baby shower gift that you can get for an expectant mum. Toys are fun to play with and they help the baby develop creative-thinking, problem-solving skills, as well as increase the baby’s level of intelligence quotient (IQ), emotional and social intelligence. Here are toys that you can purchase for a baby; stackable cups, hollow balls with holes, soft toys that produce sounds, unbreakable mirrors, playful melodies, fun play gyms.

5. Pacifiers

Pacifier is one surefire baby shower gift that an infant would love sucking on, as it reminds them of being in the womb. Pacifiers have been proven to reduce the risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS), help babies develop improved nerve reflexes and breathing muscles.

baby shower
Baby sleeping with a pacifier in his mouth. Photo source: pexels.com

6. Baby Books

It is never too early for your baby to develop a reading culture. Reading of books build the baby’s mental capacity and ability to identify words, objects, pictures, sounds (e-books), and helps the baby develop good thinking skills.  So, baby books are great baby shower gifts. Mothers can always read these books to their babies to aid in learning.

7. Body Suits

Baby body suits are usually worn underneath the baby’s clothes in order to keep him/her warm. For a complete outfit, they can be complemented with leggings and cardigans. These body suits usually have poppers at the bottom to easily access the baby’s diapers and for a quick and smooth changing of the diaper.

8. Diapers

Babies require sufficient supply of diapers. In fact, it is recommended that baby’s diapers are changed 10-15 times a day. Regular changing of the diapers help to reduce the risk of contracting infections, skin rashes and other skin diseases. It also prevents irritability and general body discomfort. So, a mum who just put to bed will always require a diaper for her baby, which makes it a perfect baby shower gift.

9. Diaper Creams and Ointments

Diaper creams and ointments are important for babies, and can be just be one of the best baby shower gifts. Diaper creams are moisturizers that help in the treatment and prevention of rough, dry and itch skin, and skin irritations like skin burns and rashes.

10. Baby Wipes

Baby wipes are multi-purposeful. Ranging from helping in diaper changes, to wiping your infant’s face  and hands, to cleaning pacifiers particularly when they drop on the floor, to moisturizing their skin and soothing them in summer. They are so convenient to use. It’s also pertinent to go for safe wipes that are devoid of alcohol, you could seek a doctor’s recommendation before purchasing them for a mum.

Go organize that baby shower, bearing wonderful gifts for the mum and newborn. You can do this! Happy Baby Shower!

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[…] 10 Awesome Baby Shower Gift Ideas for a Soon-to be Mum […]


[…] 10 Awesome Baby Shower Gift Ideas for a Soon-to be Mum […]


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