10 Sure Tips for Building a Strong Bond With Your Baby

10 Sure Tips for Building a Strong Bond With Your Baby


Parents sure do need to build that emotional connection and strong bond with their babies, and truly they all want to, but sometimes do not know how to go about it. For dads, their tight work schedule sometimes does not provide them ample opportunity to. Mums juggle the demands of work and still spend adequate time with their babies, however, some still find it difficult to build a strong bond with their babies. Perhaps, you already have that emotional connection with your baby, however, you can make it stronger.

It’s important to create that bond between you and your baby, as it will help when they grow to become toddlers, teenagers and young adults. The connection has to start from cradle for it to grow and blossom. Not doing so can have a ripple, adverse effect on the relationship between you and your child.

Check out these sure tips for building a strong bond with your baby;

Spend More Time to Connect With Your Baby

I understand that parenting is not an easy task, there’s the struggle to balance work with home care and sometimes it can be overwhelming. However, your baby is and should be priority in every sense of the word. One sure way to build a strong bond with your baby is by spending more time with him/her to connect. By so doing, you get to understand their own way of communicating, both verbal and non-verbal. You get to learn about their likes and dislikes, and so much more.

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Mum and dad playing with baby. Photo source: pixabay.com

Create Time to Cuddle and Play

Cuddling helps your baby develop a secure attachment to you. So, spend more time cuddling and playing with your baby as that will help build a strong bond between you and your baby. Placing your baby on your body while you lay on the bed; seeing the world from the floor during tummy time also helps grow that connection between you and your baby.

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Dad and son sleeping on a bed. Photo credit: pixabay.com

Listen to, and Observe Their Non-verbal Communication

Babies from birth communicate non-verbally- without words. They make use of gestures, body movement, eye contact, inconsistencies to communicate how they feel to you. So, what better way to learn about these than spending ample time with them, listening to, and observing them.

Hold and Touch Your Baby Often

Physical contact through holding and touching your baby often helps to build that emotional connection between you and your baby, it also helps regulate the baby’s temperature, heart rate, breathing and helps them cry less. It is also important for mothers as it increases their relaxation hormones.

Mimic Your Baby’s Sounds

Mimicking your baby’s sounds such as the cooing, crying, burping, gurgling sounds can be fun and a way to bond with them.

Make Eye Contact

Eye contact is not only crucial for your baby’s development, as it helps in developing their learning and communication skills, it also helps in building a strong bond between you and your baby. So, try to make frequent eye contacts with your baby.

Talk, Read and Sing to Your Baby

Talking, reading and singing to your baby helps in creating a strong emotional bond and increases their literacy, thinking, reading, social skills and brain power. There are amazing baby books to read to your baby and sonorous songs to sing to their beautiful ears.

Play Baby Games With Them

There are several fun baby games you can play with your baby. Some of these games include; Splish Splash, Peekaboo, Play Ball, Clappity Clap, Baby Hazel Games, Undercover, Show and Tell, Pedal and Tickle. These baby games are exciting and help to create a strong bond and connection between you and your baby.

Talk to Your Baby Everyday

Talking to your baby everyday is key to building a strong bond with them. They are also able to learn about sounds and how to string them together to form words. Furthermore, it is crucial for your baby’s cognitive development.

Swiftly Respond to Distress Cues

Babies most times communicate non-verbally. It could be in their cries, coos, gurgles and so much more. Learn to listen to these. When babies feel uncomfortable, irritated, nauseous, they communicate. Observe, listen and act swiftly. Doing so helps to build a strong bond between you and your baby.

Bonding is so important between parent and child. Grow that emotional connection, build that solid relationship with your child! Yes, you can.

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