11 Incredible Things You Probably Didn’t Know You Could Do Perfectly After Becoming a Mum

11 Incredible Things You Probably Didn’t Know You Could Do Perfectly After Becoming a Mum


Birthing a child, becoming a mum comes with a whole new “terrain”, as you are constantly trying to figure out and get used to your new role. Most times, it could be confusing, as you ask yourself what exactly you are doing, other times, it could be an enjoyable, relieving moment, particularly when you take a look at your baby and you’re like, “Damn! This cutie came out of me!”

But, did you know that you could do so much more perfectly after becoming a mum? Mums do not just have that midas touch, they’ve got this amazing streak to do so much more beyond their widest imaginations, that sometimes I dub it, “super power”. Well, let me take you through 10 things you probably didn’t know you could do perfectly after becoming a mum;

Pursue a Career

Absolutely! Becoming a mum does not stop you from chasing your dreams and pursuing a career in whatever discipline you choose to- Law, Medicine, Arts, Philosophy, Business, Science and so much more. Kim Kardashian has proven that mums can do a whole lot more after childbirth. As a mother of four, that did not deter her from pursuing a career in Law. In fact, recently, she took the baby bar exam and we are all waiting for her to ace it. She’s a mum, she’s got this! So, mums can do perfectly well in their chosen careers. If you are already working in your desired field, you can become much more successful at it. You’ve got this mum!


Mums can workout so well. They can hit the gym and shed some weight, they can even set workout goals and achieve them. Despite their busy and tight schedule at work and home, clingy toddlers, mums are still able to find the time, courage and energy to workout. Thumbs up to mums! They deserve all the accolade.

Though, it’s really not easy, as there are times quitting becomes an option, but they are able to pull it all together, hit the gym and keep going. That in itself is a giant feat. Exercises help to increase the body’s energy level, keep one fit, enhance cognitive skills, and improve one’s overall health. So, as a mum, you get to benefit a whole lot from exercising.

Mum doing an in-door exercise with her daughter. Photo source: pexels.com

Have Another Baby

Even after becoming a mum, you can still have another baby, well, that’s if it’s part of the plan. Mums are so strong that even with their career, catering for the home, they can still birth another child. Catelynn Baltierra who is a renowned Reality TV Personality recently announced that she is expecting a fourth child, a girl. She shared this through a snap captioned, “Soooo, I think we know her name. It’s a girl.” Congratulations Catelynn and Tyler Baltierra! So, if having another child is what you want, just believe that you can do this mum.


Mums slay effortlessly. Pregnancy gives a woman a whole different look, with body changes, stretch marks, but did you know that these even make mums slay perfectly? Yes, it can. With this new figure, you can actually pull off outfits that will just look so gorgeous on you.

Negotiate Skillfully

Mums have the ability to negotiate. They are skilled negotiators, in fact, sometimes it seems like second nature. Well, this is perhaps learned from raising kids. There are times you just say to your toddler, “if you finish your meal, you get to visit Target, or their favourite store, or you get to watch a movie or you get to have more toys from buybuybaby. That is negotiation, and from there, mums get to build the skill and art of negotiating.

Go to School

Mums can still go back to school, the fact that you have a child does not stop you from advancing in your academics. You can go back to school to acquire more knowledge, learn a skill, bag those degrees and achieve your dreams. You can do this mum!

Mum posing for a graduation photoshoot. Photo credit: pexels.com
Mum posing for a graduation photoshoot. Photo credit: pexels.com

Raise Amazing Kids

Mums can raise amazing kids who are imbued with skills, knowledge, talents and surprises. Despite mums tight work schedule, they are able to balance it up in the home, by being there for their kids, making sure they do not lack anything. That in itself is awesome and mums, you all deserve a pat on the back, and more.

Photo source: pexels.com

Achieve Set Goals

Mums can also achieve their goals. Being a mum does not stop you from pursuing your goals, in fact, it can even trigger you to achieving your goals. A lot of mums have been able to set goals and achieve them, you can too! There are days that it might seem tough, but like they say, when there is a will, there is a way. So, keep going. Keep forging ahead. You can do this too!

Make Things Work

Mums just have the way to make things work, that sometimes it’s inexplicable. When everyone in the home is at a crossroad or in a fix, mums have a way of making it work. They know the outfit that perfectly suit their kids at every point in time, they can fix spoilt toys, prepare sumptuous meals just in time, and the list goes on and on.

Understand Situations

Mums can perfectly understand situations and look for ways to make things work. They have an answer to every question, a solution to every problem. They’ve got a way of calming a tensed environment. Mums are just the best!


Mums can succeed in their career, in business, in raising their kids. They are like the jack of all trades, master of all. Having children does not in any way stop mums from succeeding as they have proven that countless times, in countless ways.

Mums are super awesome, they possess the ability to do a whole lot more. However, they sure do need help, at least once in a while. So, dads, kids try to help mum and ease the stress in whichever way you can. They deserve to be pampered and taken care of. Thumbs up mums! Y’all are the real MVPs.

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