12 birth month birds and their special meanings


One of the fun things about expecting a little one is learning about their special birth month qualities. Not only can you find their birth month birthstone but you can also read about their birth month flowers, and now, birth month birds too!

From curious owls to royal doves, every birth month bird has specific traits that can give you some insight into your loved ones. You can also look for unique baby name inspiration among these birds. Does your special December baby feel like a raven, or maybe, they’re a robin instead? Scroll through and find out all about the different birth birds by month.

Here are the 12 birth birds by month and their unique personality traits

January birth month bird: Owl

Among the things that make January babies special is their deeply thoughtful and wise nature, as symbolized by the majestic owl. Those born in this birth month are said to have a quiet nature and a creative side. Owls were once associated with Athena, the goddess of wisdom and prophecy.

February birth month bird: Parrot

Just like the colorful feathers of the parrot, February babies also have a colorful and creative spirit. They turn heads everywhere they go. These free spirits are truly one-of-a-kind.

March birth month bird: Robin

This birth month bird symbolizes diligence. Those associated with this bird are said to be able to weather any storm and have a strong spirit. Ancient myths see the Robin as a symbol of passion and honor. This spring bird heralds the entrance of spring and is also a symbol of renewal.

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April birth month bird: Canary

Canaries are said to be happy birds and that’s no different for the April babies. Those born under this bird month are seen as happy-go-lucky spirits with jokes to spare. Canaries also represent joy.

May birth month bird: Nightingale

May babies have a smile that light up any room. Their innate kindness brings people together the same way a Nightingale’s song calls to the listener. If this bird gives you baby name inspo, your little one could have the sweet nickname, Gale.

June birth month bird: Dove

Doves represent peace which makes this the perfect birth month bird for June babies who have a peaceful nature that others love to be around. Those born under this royal bird are considered to be great at smoothing out chaos.

July birth month bird: Eagle

Those associated with the bold eagle are known for their confidence. July babies are great listeners and great at keeping secrets. The eagle has long been seen as a symbol of freedom and courage.

August birth month bird: Kingfisher

The Kingfisher is never far from the water, so don’t be surprised if your August baby loves swimming! Those born under this bird have an ingenuity and intelligence that is unmatched. They are also generous souls.

September birth month bird: Hawk

These birds of prey have a well-deserved reputation for being fierce. Likewise, those born in this birth month are seen as heroes that always rise above the any situation.

October birth month bird: Swan

The swan is a symbol of grace and beauty. Those associated with this bird are often seen as healers. Their ability for clarity makes them great at giving advice. Swan is also a cute baby name for an autumn baby!

November birth month bird: Rooster

Those associated with the rooster make the best of friends. Not only is their loyalty unmatched but they also help others onto their rightful path. The Chinese zodiac sees this bird as a symbol of honesty and moral courage.

December birth month bird: Raven

Ravens are birds of intrigue and mystery. Those born under this birth month are adventurous, confident and curious.

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