12 birth month butterflies and their special meanings


There is something special about finding the different meanings associated with your birth month. Whether you’re searching for baby names amongst birth month flowers or simply wanting to learn more about your or your little one’s zodiac sign, there is a certain excitement to uncovering those special meanings. Birth month butterflies are no different.

Butterflies have long been thought of as a symbol for birth, renewal and smooth transitions. Traditionally, seeing a butterfly is a positive sign of hope and a kind of transformation. There is a different butterfly linked to every month that might tell you a little bit more about a loved one’s personality traits. These special meanings might even sway you in your baby making plans. Would you rather plan for a February baby or an August baby? Scroll through and find out!

Here are the 12 birth month butterflies and the distinct meaning each one carries

January birth month butterfly: Common Postman

Those born under the January birth month butterfly are considered charming and great listeners. They have a big heart and a warm aura that lights up a room.

February birth month butterfly: Agathina Emperor

February babies have a big presence when they enter a room. All heads turn to look at them and they know it. Their confidence draws others to them but, there is a distinct “love them or hate them” vibe.

March birth month butterfly: Eastern Tailed-Blue

Those born in this month are said to have strong intuitions. They have a singular drive and determination that makes them never give up.

April birth month butterfly: Small White

The purity of the April birth month butterfly, Small White, is also linked to the pure and deeply emotional feelings of April babies. They are sensitive and possess a peaceful nature. Folklore states that seeing a white butterfly can mean that someone from the spirit world is trying to send you a message.

May birth month butterfly: Emerald Peacock Swallow Tail

May babies are very loyal to their loves one. They have a practical side to their personalities but, are also said to be very well-liked. Those born in this month stay true to who they are.

June birth month butterfly: White Morpho

There’s something about June babies that make them wonderful partners. It might be that they are especially attuned to other peoples’ needs or that they have an inner peace that can be reassuring to those around them.

July birth month butterfly: Scarlet Peacock

July babies are said to have two sides to their personalities: on the one hand they’re brave and courageous but they also have a soft, sensitive side that they like to hide from the world.

August birth month butterfly: Dido Longwing

An August baby doesn’t mind being the center of attention. They are both humble about their mistakes and can also be brutally honest. This butterfly is also associated with endurance and change.

September birth month butterfly: Peacock Royal

September babies are born leaders because of their ability to visualize their goals and a path toward success. They are also creative spirits with big imaginations and curiosity alongside it.

October birth month butterfly: Glasswing

Those born in this month are said to be great listeners and problem solvers. Their kind heart is always ready to help someone out and their gentle attitude makes it easy to connect with others.

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November birth month butterfly: Monarch

Much like the Monarch butterfly is considered to be the king of all butterflies, those born in this birth month are kings of their own universe. They are usually in their own world, constantly occupied with new thoughts and observations.

December birth month butterfly: Common Gem

December babies are known for their ambitious qualities. They never stop striving for more and they are passionate about growth. They wear their heart on their sleeve and are not afraid of their emotional side.

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