12 Stunning Tricks To Get Your Baby To Pose For a Photo Shoot

12 Stunning Tricks To Get Your Baby To Pose For a Photo Shoot


It’s so captivating to capture moments with your baby, both candid and aware, as those experiences are priceless. However, there are occasions where parents need their babies to pose for a photo shoot session – it could be the baby’s birthday, for a family portrait, Christmas cards and the likes, but it seems your baby is refusing to be lured to give you that perfect pose for the shoot. Not to worry as this article details tricks you can use to get your baby to pose for a picture.

Taking pictures of your baby is a good time to bond, making beautiful memories, spending quality time together capturing awesome moments on camera. Whether you are the one taking a picture of your baby or you are hiring a photographer, it can still prove challenging sometimes. In fact, getting the right poses for your baby can be an arduous task for you as a parent. So, you need to observe these ways to get your baby to pose for a photo shoot;


Taking your baby through a photo shoot session requires adequate preparation. So, it is crucial that you are prepared for it. Prepare in terms of the camera, lighting, location of the shoot, and all other things needed to pacify your baby to take those alluring pictures.


Swaddling is an effective method to get your baby to pose for a picture. All you need do is wrap the baby up in a swaddle clothes, a blanket or a piece of fabric. By swaddling your baby, you keep them calm and stable to be able to take that captivating photograph.

photo shoot
Baby in swaddling clothes. Photo source: pixabay.com


Lighting is so important in photography. Ensure you have proper lighting to be able to take beautiful pictures.

Introduce Songs

Yes! Singing for your baby can get them to stay happy while you take pictures of them. It puts your baby in a happy and exciting mood. Newborns respond to music they heard while in the womb, so playing music for them or singing for them is a way to comfort them and make them respond favourably to your call for poses for that photo shoot.


Cuddling is a productive technique for getting your baby to pose for a photograph. Babies love to be cuddled, hence, doing so keeps them calm and happy to be able to capture beautiful moments with them on camera.

Make Your Baby Happy

Happiness is key! When your baby is happy, you are happy. So, it is crucial to keep your baby happy before you start the photo session, during the photo shoot and even after. You could make your baby happy by doing things they love, playing songs they love to listen to, giving them toys they love to play with, feeding them well and so much more. You know what makes your baby happy, so do it to keep him/her happy.

Every Detail is Important

It is vital you capture every detail, you never can tell which picture will turn out amazing. So, if you are the one taking the picture, or a family member is, try to capture every detail because every moment is unique.

Siblings Can Help Out Too

You can include your baby’s older siblings in the photo shoot. That way, your baby feels more relaxed seeing more familiar faces. Siblings can also play with your baby during the photo shoot to get to spice it up, making it more fun and thrilling.

Take a Picture With Your Baby

Parents should also join in the photo shoot. Take pictures with your newborn, that way, they feel relaxed and safe. You also get to make lovely memories with them.

photo shoot
Mum taking a picture with her baby. Photo credit: pixabay.com

Your Baby’s Safety is Primal

It is pertinent to ensure your baby is safe while you are taking pictures of them. Do not be too engrossed in the moment, and in the process neglect their safety. Your baby’s safety is paramount, so make certain that they are safe while at it.


Photography is an art which gives ample room for exploration. So, you can as well explore while taking your baby pictures. You could use an outdoor environment, try new poses, create moods, and the likes as a way of making the photo shoot colourful and exhilarating.

Outdoor Photography

Outdoor photography can be exciting as well! It gives your picture that natural, beautiful outlook.

photo shoot
Mum and her baby posing for a photo shoot outside. Photo source: pexels.com

Here are a list of poses you can try out for your newborn on your next photo shoot session;

  • Taco pose
  • Frog pose
  • Wrapped pose
  • Side pose
  • Tushy up pose
  • Chin on Hands pose.
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[…] 12 Stunning Tricks To Get Your Baby To Pose For a Photo Shoot […]

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