20 sporty baby names inspired by the World Cup and athletes all over the globe


Sports fans around the world have been tuning in to watch the World Cup. And, if there’s one thing that results from any kind of super popularity (I’m looking at you, “Game of Thrones”) it’s the baby name inspo! From baby names inspired by “Bridgerton” to baby names inspired by “Encanto,” the things we (or our partners) watch are all fair game when it comes to brainstorming names ahead of your little one’s arrival.

Now, with the excitement of the World Cup upon us there’s no doubt that these famous soccer players will have some kind of influence on the babies of tomorrow. I wouldn’t be surprised if some of the star players like Lionel (Argentina’s Lionel Messi) becomes a popular baby name for 2023! Whether you’re hoping your little one will be a natural at youth sports or you have a favorite player you want to pay homage to, there are so many reasons to look for baby names inspired by athletes.

Here are 20 sporty baby names inspired by your favorite athletes

Sporty boy names

1. Lionel (Messi)

2. Kylian (Mbappe)

3. Karim (Benzema)

4. Luka (Modric)

5. Cristiano (Ronaldo)

6. Usain (Bolt)

7. Kobe (Bryant)

8. Nolan (Ryan)

9. Rafael (Nada)

10. Camden (Yards)

Sporty girl names

11. Serena (Williams)

12. Kallie (Humphries)

13. Amelie (Mauresmo)

14. Lisa (Leslie)

15. Birgit (Prinz)

16. Danica (Patrick)

17. Naomi (Osaka)

18. Mia (Hamm)

19. Tessa (Virtue)

20. Candace (Parker)

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