25+ summer-inspired baby names for your pocketful of sunshine

When summer is in swing that means backyard barbecues, days spent by the pool, ice cream cones, and fireworks. Of course, for expecting parents, it also means thinking of cute baby names that match the essence of the season if your little one is coming in the summer! Spring brought us a dawn of new beginnings (and spring-themed baby names), but we’re more than ready to make both a rhetorical and literal splash into this next season.

Here is our list of summer-inspired baby names for boys and girls that’ll bring a little sunshine to your day.

From June 20—September 21 we’re in full summer mode. Consider naming your summer bebé June, July or August.

With summer comes beach days filled with sun-kissed skin and salty hair. Kai, Cyrus, Dylan, Soleil, Eilidh, River, Murphy, and Malik are all trending baby names that symbolize the sun or water. Similarly, the name Marigold has a sunny, warm feel to it as does the name Sunny—as does, wait for it—Summer!

Fourth of July is celebrated during summer, so how about a name that resembles our country’s independence and freedom? Charles and Francis are baby names that mean “freedom.” Of course, there are several other beautiful names to choose from, like Saoirse, meaning “liberty,” Lysander meaning “liberator,” or Darby, which stands for “free from envy.” Naturally, America is another name that comes to mind when thinking about the fourth.

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Greek mythology is always a fun route to take for baby name inspiration. Apollo and Helios are both referred to as the Greek god of the sun. Likewise, Poseidon is the Greek god of the sea.

Have you ever thought about naming your little one after their month’s gemstone? Consider the names Pearl (June), Ruby, (July), Peridot (August), or Sapphire (September). If these particular names aren’t catching your interest, we have more gem baby names here.

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