3 Behavioural Changes In Toddlers That Parents Do Not Really Talk About

3 Behavioural Changes In Toddlers That Parents Do Not Really Talk About


When you give birth to your baby they are so cute and harmless and sweet and beautiful and adorable and charming and you know the list goes on. They need you every minute of every day to survive.
You sing to them, feed them, hug them, and there comes the first laugh, and awesome milestones that you wish you can stay in those moments forever.
Suddenly they are 2 years old and they seem to change and it might amaze you and scare you a bit. Well some are normal and some aren’t.
These are some behaviour changes toddlers exhibit that shouldn’t alarm you. It’s just a phase!

1. They get curious about their genital parts.

You can see your toddler child either a boy or girl stroking and fondling their genitals and trying to see what it looks like and wondering what it is. This is normal!
According to studies, it is normal for young boys to touch their genitals and play with it either when they are happy or they feel stressed.
How to gradually change it?

You can try to distract them with something else like hug them, put up their favorite cartoon, or book, or dance with them whenever they start doing it at home, by doing this you can reduce their chances of doing it in public to about 60%. Don’t shout at them or quarrel with them just distract them.

2. They can get very very emotional quickly.

Toddlers can switch between being happy, upset, indifferent, and angry in a few seconds. They are like a flicker switch.

What does this mean? Their emotions are developing so give them cues when they are being mean and show them the correct thing to do to correct that behavior. Commend them when they do the right thing.

3. Toddlers can unintentionally try to harm their baby brother or sister.

What do you do? Don’t leave them alone with babies. They must have supervision whenever they are around their younger ones or other people’s babies. My son always tried to get into his baby cot where his little brother (3months) old was in it. He didn’t understand why he shouldn’t go in there and that he’s too big for it now. Try to show them something that they can do that is more appropriate for their age.

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