37 baby names that mean “magical” for your little world of wonder


Is there anything more magical than welcoming your child into the world? Whether this is your first bebé (congratulations!) or your second or third time around the block, choosing your child’s name isn’t easy by any means. 

There are so many meaningful options out there—and while we love this year’s list of most popular baby names, that’s just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to awe-inspiring options. What better way to commemorate the most magical time of your life than with a baby name that manifests that very excitement and warmth?

Here is an A-Z list of baby names that mean magic.

Baby names that mean magic 

  1. Aislinn 
  2. Aladdin 
  3. Ariadne 
  4. Arthur 
  5. Bodhi 
  6. Calypso
  7. Caspian 
  8. Cassandra 
  9. Celestia 
  10. Cleon 
  11. Clio 
  12. Cosmo 
  13. Daphne 
  14. Divinity 
  15. Faye 
  16. Finn 
  17. Gandalf 
  18. Hans 
  19. Hermoine 
  20. Hero 
  21. Jason 
  22. Juno 
  23. Lucius 
  24. Magus 
  25. Maya 
  26. Orion 
  27. Parsia 
  28. Rune 
  29. Saga
  30. Seraphina 
  31. Serendipity 
  32. Siofra 
  33. Thalia 
  34. Triton 
  35. Veda
  36. Zephyr 
  37. Zohar
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