50 colorful and beautiful Hawaiian baby names

Are you stuck in a baby name brainstorming rut? Hawaiian names are especially unique not only phonetically, but in their spelling and meanings, too. It’s not uncommon for monikers that are derived from the Hawaiian islands to have ocean, celestial, spiritual, or sun-inspired meanings. There are also beautiful names that adorn the same name as the islands, like Kauai and Maui. The beloved Disney characters Moana and Lilo also have names that stem from Hawaiian culture. You’ll find that many names begin with the letter “K,” another fun tidbit about Hawaiian name trivia.

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Keep reading to see our full catalog of Hawaiian baby names—who knows, maybe you’ll see a name for your newborn that you like… or be inspired to plan your first family vacation!

Here are 50 Hawaiian-inspired baby names.

Hawaiian baby names for girls

  1. Alaina
  2. Alanis 
  3. Aleyna
  4. Haukea
  5. Kailani
  6. Kalea
  7. Kalei
  8. Kamalani
  9. Kauai
  10. Kaulana 
  11. Kawai
  12. Kawehi
  13. Keahi
  14. Keiki 
  15. Lei
  16. Leilani 
  17. Lenai
  18. Lilo
  19. Lolani
  20. Maui
  21. Mikala
  22. Moana
  23. Nakoa
  24. Nani
  25. U’ilani

Hawaiian baby names for boys

  1. Anakoni
  2. Ano
  3. Haoa
  4. Iokepa
  5. Kaholo
  6. Kai
  7. Kaleo
  8. Keahi
  9. Keanu
  10. Kekoa
  11. Keona
  12. Kimo
  13. Koa
  14. Kōnane
  15. Loki
  16. Makaio
  17. Makoa
  18. Maleko
  19. Mano 
  20. Manu
  21. Meka 
  22. Nahele
  23. Nohea
  24. Pika
  25. Rangi
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