7 Best Baby Girl Clothes Ideas and Things to Look Out For When Shopping

7 Best Baby Girl Clothes Ideas and Things to Look Out For When Shopping


Preparing for the arrival of your baby girl? One of the things on your to-do list will be to buy perfect clothes for your baby girl. It’s also okay to be befuddled concerning the kind of clothes to buy for your baby girl – whether you are just expecting her arrival, or she’s already a toddler. Of course you want your girl looking beautiful, stylish and comfortable in whatever she wears, so it is important to know what exactly you are looking for before you go shopping.

The age-long tradition that pink is for girls, blue is for boys now seem outlandish. Girls can rock blue too and look charming in it. So, you should know what exactly to look out for when purchasing baby girl clothes.

Here are 7 best baby girl clothes ideas, and things to look out for when buying them;

Cotton Dresses

A baby girl on a dress with a hat. Photo source: pixabay.com

Dresses are one of the major clothes for girls. It is important to go for a dress made of cotton as it is a natural fibre and is less likely to cause allergic reaction in children. It also provides thermal insulation, protects against heat in summer and against cold in winter. There are a number of cute cotton dresses for girls and some of these include; Came Linen Cotton Dress, Flower Dress of various colours, Floral dress, Lace Dress, Eyelet Trapeze Dress, Linen Button up Dress, Ruffle Dress, Polka Dot Dress, Sequin Dress, and Ivory Cotton Dress.

Organic Bodysuit

Baby girl organic bodysuit comes in both long-sleeve and short-sleeve, with varying sizes and colours. It is one piece that your newborn should have. There is the Floral Bodysuit for girls.

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Sleeve and Sleeveless Cotton Romper

The sleeve and sleeveless baby girl cotton romper is so good for summer. There is the Printed Chambray Romper, Long Sleeve Bubble Romper, Kimono Robe Romper, Flutter Overall Ruffled Romper, Backless Romper, Mustard Floral Pant Romper, and Bow Striped Romper.


 Jumpsuit is one of the best and most stylish baby girl clothes. There are different kinds of jumpsuits for baby girls – there is the Floral Jumpsuit of varying designs as well. We have the Round Collar Sleeveless Floral Jumpsuit; Strap Jumpsuit Romper, and Lace Jumpsuit Footies for newborns.

Top and Tee

Baby girl on a top and short. Photo credit: pixabay.com

Tops and tees are a must-have for your baby girl. There are various top and t-shirt ideas and they include; Cotton Cut Sleeve Top, Lace Top, Tunic Top, Slip-on Shirts, Ruffle-neck Sleeveless Top, Long and Short Sleeve T-shirts, Tank Top, Side-snap Shirt, Round neck T-shirt, Off the Shoulder Top, and Letter Print Short-sleeve T-shirt.

Pants and Shorts

Pants and shorts are also nice baby girl clothes. Baby girl shorts and pants include; Organic Cotton pants, Denim shorts, Fleece pants, Pull-on pants, Fairisle pants, Jogger sweatpants, Leggings, Rugged Bear shorts, Shortall, Bike shorts, Dance shorts, Knit shorts, Print Woven shorts, Bloomer shorts, Casual shorts and Bubble shorts.

Skirts and Skorts

Baby girl on a Tutu skirt. Photo credit: pexels.com

Skirts and skorts are amazing clothes for your baby girl. A skort is a pair of shorts with an overlapping fabric that resembles a skirt, covering both the back and front; or it could be a skirt with a short embedded in it. Skirts and skorts suitable for baby girls are; Striped skirt, High waist mini skirt, Tulle Bloomers, Tutu skirt, Ruffle suspender skirt, Pleated skort, Lace skort, Shores skort, Mini skort, Knit skort, Sport skort, Printed skort, Denim skirt and skort, and Floral skort.

Here are crucial things to look out for when shopping for your baby girl clothes;

  • Fabric: It is advisable to go for cotton fabrics as they are cozy, comfortable, soft and gentle, and less likely to cause allergic reactions on your baby’s skin.
  • Size: You need to know your baby’s size before you go shopping for clothes for her. If you are unsure of her exact size, it is recommendable to go for clothes that are bigger, than clothes that are tighter/smaller.
  • Style and Functionality: As your baby grows older, she will get to know her style, taste in clothes, and even choose clothes for herself, but until then, mum and dad have to choose a good and appropriate style of clothing for her. Also consider the functionality; for example, newborns spend a large amount of time sleeping, so when buying clothes for your newborn, it’s crucial to go for more sleeping clothes.
  • Season: There are clothes peculiar to each season. There is Winter, Autumn, Summer and Spring and there are clothing items for your boys that are peculiar to each season. So, consider the season and what is suitable just before you go shopping for your baby girl clothes.
  • Budget: Finance plays a crucial role in shopping for your baby girl clothes. So, you definitely should have a budget and work accordingly as there are other things to purchase as regards catering for your baby girl, and the entire family as well.
  • Safety: Safety is paramount when purchasing your baby girl clothes. Do not buy clothes that will pose risk or cause choking hazards to your baby.
  • Brands: Yes, you want to explore brands as regards your baby girl’s clothing, but it is also important to try to stick to brands that you trust and  work well for you in order to avoid making wrong purchases.

You are your baby girl’s first stylist, so it is important to get it right with her clothing. With these tips and clothing style ideas, you can now make a better decision as regards your baby girl’s clothing. Happy Shopping!

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