70+ baby names inspired by Disney—and fit for a prince or princess


As you prepare for your baby’s arrival and begin checking items off your to-do list, you’ve probably started thinking about baby names. There are so many avenues of inspiration—whether you want to allude to water, prefer a boho style or like looking ahead to up-and-coming names. One special place to turn for baby name ideas? The world created by Walt Disney. For baby names inspired by Disney, you can choose from whether the name takes after your favorite Disney character or is a nod to a movie that had a meaningful impact on your childhood. 

Plus, just think of all the activities and quality time a name influenced by the world of Disney can lead to: You and your child can watch their namesake’s movie or read the book together. If it’s a character, you can get their doll or action figure. You can even look ahead to visiting the character at Disneyland or Disney World.

Read through our list of 70+ baby names inspired by Disney…

Boy baby names inspired by Disney

  1. Aladdin
  2. Andy
  3. Arthur
  4. Buzz
  5. Carl
  6. Christopher
  7. Dash
  8. Donald
  9. Eric
  10. Flynn
  11. Gaston
  12. Gus 
  13. Hans
  14. Henry
  15. Jafar
  16. Jaq
  17. Jiminy 
  18. Kristoff
  19. Li
  20. Marlin
  21. Maurice 
  22. Mike 
  23. Naveen
  24. Nemo
  25. Olaf
  26. Oliver
  27. Peter
  28. Phillip
  29. Ralph
  30. Rex
  31. Sebastian 
  32. Sid
  33. Simba
  34. Sulley
  35. Tito
  36. Walt
  37. Winston

Baby girl names inspired by Disney

  1. Alice
  2. Anna
  3. Ariel 
  4. Aurora
  5. Belle
  6. Bianca
  7. Charlotte 
  8. Daisy 
  9. Dory
  10. Elinor
  11. Elsa 
  12. Esmeralda 
  13. Fauna 
  14. Flora
  15. Giselle
  16. Hannah
  17. Hera
  18. Jane 
  19. Jasmine 
  20. Jessie
  21. Lilo
  22. Lottie
  23. Minnie 
  24. Moana
  25. Mulan 
  26. Nala
  27. Peg
  28. Rapunzel
  29. Rita
  30. Sarafina
  31. Tiana
  32. Ursula
  33. Wendy
  34. Willow
  35. Yzma
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