70 charming French baby names for your little monsieur or mademoiselle


Bonjour, mama! Raise your hand if you’re ready to binge-watch season two of Emily in Paris. The Netflix original rom-com series quickly became one of the most talked about TV shows of 2020—and after seeing all the beautiful architecture, fashion and food France has to offer it’s easy to see why. Not to mention, the French names sound so exquisite, inspiring us to compile the cutest French baby names. The characters and French cast of Emily in Paris offer tons of inspiration, such as Sylvie, Antoine, Philippine and Bruno. (I think we can all agree that sometimes entertainment makes for great baby name inspiration!) 

If you’re obsessed with Emily in Paris or if France is at the top of your dream destinations list, then you may have already toyed with French baby names. From Claude to Eloise and Chanel to Pierre, French monikers can be both unique and classic

See 70 French baby names that would be perfect for your petit bébé.

French baby names for boys

  1. André
  2. Antoine 
  3. Anton 
  4. Arnaud
  5. Arthur 
  6. Bardot
  7. Beau
  8. Benoit
  9. Bruno
  10. Claude 
  11. Dax
  12. Françios
  13. Frederic 
  14. Gabriel
  15. Gaston 
  16. Hubert
  17. Jacques 
  18. Laurent
  19. Luc 
  20. Lucien
  21. Luke
  22. Marc 
  23. Michel
  24. Monet
  25. Philippe
  26. Pierre 
  27. Sacha 
  28. Seymour
  29. Sinclair 
  30. Yves

French baby names for girls

  1. Antoinette
  2. Beatrice
  3. Belle 
  4. Bernadette
  5. Blanche
  6. Camille
  7. Celine
  8. Chanel
  9. Cherie
  10. Chloé
  11. Clementine 
  12. Colette
  13. Corine 
  14. Dominique 
  15. Eloise
  16. Emmeline
  17. Fleur 
  18. Francine 
  19. Francis 
  20. Genevieve 
  21. Gigi
  22. Giselle 
  23. Jacqueline 
  24. Josephine 
  25. Lorraine 
  26. Lourdes
  27. Madeliene 
  28. Margot 
  29. Marie 
  30. Nicolette 
  31. Odette 
  32. Paris 
  33. Patrice 
  34. Paulette
  35. Philippine 
  36. Renée 
  37. Simone 
  38. Suzette 
  39. Sylvie
  40. Yvonne 
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