70 lovely Irish baby names for your lucky little shamrock

Top o’ the mornin’ to ya, mama! As you anxiously and eagerly wait for your four-leaf clover’s arrival, you’ve probably begun brainstorming potential baby names. Unbeknownst to you, there’s a strong chance that several of those names are of Celtic origin. Irish names are timeless, colorful (just like a rainbow), and whimsical yet immensely strong. Not to mention, full of the luck of the Irish! When you hear monikers like Aileen, Donovan, Saorise, and Lennon, it’s easy to see why Irish names are becoming more and more desired.

In case you’re a wee bit interested in hearing more, we compiled three lists of boy, girl, and gender neutral Irish baby names to help spark inspiration. These adorable Irish baby names are as lucky as a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. 

See 70 Irish baby names that would be perfect for your little shamrock.

Irish baby names for boy

  1. Adam
  2. Ansel
  3. Brady
  4. Connor
  5. Daniel
  6. David
  7. Declan 
  8. Dillon (or Dylan)
  9. Donovan
  10. Emmett
  11. Finley 
  12. Finn
  13. Finnegan
  14. Jack
  15. James
  16. John
  17. Kevin
  18. Killian
  19. Liam
  20. Luke
  21. Mark
  22. Matthew
  23. Michael
  24. Murphy
  25. Patrick 
  26. Seamus
  27. Sean (or Shane, Shaun, Shawn)
  28. Stephen (or Steven)
  29. Thomas

Irish baby names for girls

  1. Aileen
  2. Aisling
  3. Birdie
  4. Brianna
  5. Cassidy
  6. Ciara
  7. Deidra
  8. Delaney
  9. Kaitlyn 
  10. Kathleen
  11. Kayleigh
  12. Keira
  13. Kelley
  14. Kennedy
  15. Maeve
  16. Makenna
  17. Maura
  18. Molly 
  19. Nora
  20. Orla
  21. Patricia
  22. Peyton
  23. Saoirse
  24. Shaileen
  25. Shannon
  26. Shayla
  27. Sirah 

Irish baby names that are gender neutral 

  1. Darci
  2. Erin
  3. Fallon
  4. Jaime (or Jamie)
  5. Jordan
  6. Lennon
  7. Quinn
  8. Regan
  9. Riley (or Rylee)
  10. Rory
  11. Rowan
  12. Ryan 
  13. Sloane
  14. Teagan
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