8 Best Baby Boy Clothes and Things to Look out for When Buying Them

8 Best Baby Boy Clothes and Things to Look out for When Buying Them


Are you expecting a baby boy? I understand that you want to prepare for the arrival of your baby in terms of everything that will be required for their overall care – from skincare to food, to hair care, to clothing, to making the home conducive and safe for the baby, and much more. More so, scouting for baby boy clothes can sometimes be an arduous task, that’s why it’s important to know the specifics of what you want to buy, by carrying out adequate research just before you go shopping.

You want your baby boy looking comfortable, cozy, stylish and handsome in whatever he wears, that’s why it is crucial to get it right when shopping for baby clothes or ordering online. There are a variety of options available as regards your baby clothes or clothing, however, you need to know what you’re looking out for. Here are 8 best baby boy clothes you should consider buying for your baby boy, ranging from 0-3 months, to 3-6months, 6-9 months, one year and older;

One-Piece Romper

There are amazing one-piece rompers that will perfectly suit your baby boy. These clothes can be worn from night to day, and it will just look so good on your baby. There is the button one-piece romper, the front-zipper one-piece romper, the cotton and cotton linen romper, the foot and footless one-piece romper, the long and short-sleeved romper, snap-up, pajamas, sleeve and sleeveless rompers. You could check out your favourite stores for any of these one-piece rompers for your baby boy. There are also one-piece organic clothing and even striped rugby one-piece, suitable for male children. Onesies also fit into the category of one-piece clothes.

Two-piece Clothing

Like the name implies, two-piece clothing come in two pieces – the up/top and down/bottom. These clothes range from a short or pants and a shirt(long sleeve or short sleeve), a onesie with a bottom, a pant and a sweatshirt, a two-piece bodysuit baby boy outfit, jean and top, or a 2-piece tracksuit.

Organic Clothing

You can decide to go the organic way by shopping for organic clothes such as clothes made of cotton which are soft, highly absorbent, and gentle on a baby’s skin. These organic baby boy clothes include; Organic Cotton Boys’ Coverall, Organic Cotton Baby Bodysuits (sleeve and sleeveless), Organic Baby Boy Zip Up, Baby Organic Cotton Hooded Cardigan, Long-sleeve and short-sleeve bodysuits, Organic Cotton Rompers, and Organic Cotton Coveralls.

Summer Clothing

The weather is usually the warmest during summer, hence, it is vital for your baby boy to wear light, comfortable clothes during this period. Baby boy clothes suitable for summer include; Short-sleeve body suit, Short-sleeve print shirt and shorts, Snap-up rompers, Rompers, Knit short, Playwear Set, Sleep ‘N Play Footie,  Summer Casual Clothes and so much more.

Winter Clothing

Winter is the coldest season of the year, so your baby has to wear clothes that will keep him warm. Here are some quintessential baby boy clothes for winter; Hoodies or Sweatshirts, Jackets, Bodysuits, Winter Coats, Long-sleeved Onesies, Fleece Footed Jumpsuits, and Fleece Pants.

baby boy clothes
A baby boy. Photo credit: pixabay.com

Autumn Clothing

The autumn or fall season introduces rainy and windy days, so it is expedient that your baby boy’s wardrobe is replete with warm clothing during this period. Suitable baby boy outfits for autumn include; Long-sleeve shirts, Baby Corduroy Bib Overalls, Hoodies or Sweatshirts, Light Jackets, Hats, Fleece Rompers, Rain Coats, Thermal Rompers and Body Suits.

baby boy clothes
Baby boy on a sweatshirt and a hat. Photo credit: pexels.com

Spring Clothing

Springtime is a transitional period where the weather is mostly fluctuant. Here are perfect spring clothes for your baby boy; Cotton Sweatshirts, Short-sleeved onesie, Long-sleeve buttoned shirts, Spring hats, Short and long-sleeve rompers, Pants, and Jump suits.

Stylish Clothing

Boys also deserve to appear stylish. Blue is not always the colour for boys, you can dress your baby boy up with cute, trendy and stylish outfits that will suit him so well. Versace Kids, Ruff N Tumble, Dolce & Gabbana Kids, Fendi Kids, Amazon and so much more have a number of these stylish outfits for baby boys.

Here are top things to look out for when buying your baby boy’s clothes whether in an online or offline/physical store;

  • Fabric: It is advisable to go for cotton fabrics as they are cozy, comfortable, soft and gentle on your baby’s skin.
  • Size: You need to know your baby’s size before you go shopping for clothes for him. If you are unsure of his exact size, it is advisable to go for clothes that are bigger, rather than opting for clothes that are tighter and smaller.
  • Style and Functionality: As your baby grows older, he will get to know his style and even choose clothes for himself, but until then, mum and dad have to choose a good and appropriate style of clothing for him. Also consider the functionality; for example, newborns spend a large amount of time sleeping, so when buying clothes for your newborn, it’s crucial to go for more sleeping clothes.
  • Season: There are clothes peculiar to each season. As listed above, there is Winter, Autumn, Summer and Spring, and there are clothing items for your boys that are peculiar to each season. So, consider the season and what is suitable just before you go shopping for your baby boy clothes.
  • Finance: Finance also plays a crucial role in shopping for your baby boy clothes. You definitely should have a budget and work accordingly as there are other things to purchase as regards catering for your baby boy and the entire family as well.
  • Safety: Safety is paramount when purchasing your baby boy clothes. Do not buy clothes that will pose risk or cause choking hazards to your baby.
  • Brand(s): Yes, you want to explore brands as regards your baby boy’s clothes, but it is also important to try to stick to brands that you trust, and work well for you in order to avoid making wrong purchases.

Now you have a better understanding and direction on what to look out for in shopping for your baby boy’s clothes and the best baby boy clothes you can purchase. Happy shopping mums and dads!

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