8 Ways Dads Are Awesome with Labor Support

In honor of Father’s Day, we’re honoring fathers by sharing just some of the many ways they show up and provide truly supportive care and encouragement during labor and birth. Despite the tired, misaligned tropes media continues to show, dads are capable, loving, intuitive, and sensitive. 

1. Task master – Dads are great at getting things done, like refilling water, setting up a heating pad, calling for the nurse, and getting whatever is needed in the moment. 

2. Being a friend/companion – Dads know how to be great partners and when they show up as their regular selves, complete with jokes, stories, and good hugs, they’re a great companion in labor.

3. Cheerleader/champion – By showing and telling you they believe in you and giving encouragement throughout the journey, dads help boost confidence and provide the support you need during a vulnerable time.

4. Good listener – Dads show up best when they tune into what you say without trying to change or fix the situation. Listening and validating can be the most important skills!

5. Letting things roll off – It might be hard, but dads know not to take anything too personally during labor and birth. They know how to step in or step back when their partner gets frustrated or irritated. 

6. Cool, calm, and focused – It’s a tall order, but dads who are able to keep their calm even in the midst of chaos will help their partner stay calm, too. 

7. Speaking up – When they take the time to discuss and understand birth preferences, dads are great at speaking up in labor when it’s needed. 

8. They know you – Dads just “get” their partners, which means they know exactly what is needed often by facial expressions alone, or the ways in which their partner feels comforted the most. 


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