9 nursing tank tops you’ll wear every single day


When you’re breastfeeding every outfit comes with the question, “Are my boobs accessible?” Not exactly a requirement you’ve looked for in previous seasons of life. (Probably.) But these days, it’s all boob all the time and let me tell you–nursing tank tops are where it’s at.

Personally, I can’t think of any article of clothing I’ve owned that worked harder than my nursing tank tops. I nursed two littles for approximately three decades each (ok, four years and two months total but who’s counting?) in frigid Vermont and wore one every single day. Keeping my belly covered while breastfeeding wasn’t just about modesty, it was about not freezing every time my little eating machines needed me.

But no matter where you live, a nursing cami is essential. They’re perfect for layering, great for sleeping and the right styles can even work solo.

So, what should you look for in a nursing tank? It obviously depends on your personal preferences but a few elements are key.

  • A built-in shelf bra to keep you supported without the extra layer of a nursing bra. (A tangle of bra and tank top straps can become cumbersome.)
  • Adjustable straps help customize the fit and keep the straps from slipping off your shoulders while you nurse.
  • If you opt for tighter styles, be sure there’s enough room in the chest when you’re at your fullest. A too tight tank can cause mastitis pretty quickly.
  • Nursing pad pockets are a must-have. Leaky boobs are guaranteed and breast pads make all the difference. Some styles come with removable pads while others require you to add your own.

No matter what your needs, there’s a nursing tank top you’re sure to love. Find it below!

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