9 Simple-to-Put-Together Baby Halloween Costumes


Halloween is almost here. Do you have your baby’s costume ready? Ok, sure — they aren’t going to eat any candy, much less be able to ring a doorbell. But it’s about spirit, right? If you plan to dress your little one up, but don’t yet have any ideas, this post is for you. These costumes involve few skills and just a bit of time — perfect for last minute fun.  

No-sew ghost (Bombshell Bling)

A classic that can be done up with scissors and a glue-gun/fabric glue. Can be adjusted to fit older children, too!


Cutie in a box (Just Simply Mom)

It’s Cutie season! Get your Vitamin C (*cute) with this super-simple and fun costume idea. 


Baby lamb (Make It & Love It)

Cotton balls are so versatile… fluff up your little lamb with this easy and cozy outfit. 


Baby cow (Make It & Love It)

I’m not going to say this is udderly cute, but I will say it’s amoosing. What? Gotta milk this for all it’s worth. 


Where’s Waldo (Make It & Love It)

This little Waldo will be easy to spot — and the costume is super easy to make!


Baseball onesie (Primary)

White onesie, red fabric marker, done. Throw a glove in your stroller/carrier if you’re feeling extra inspired. 


Parent & Baby Kangaroo (HGTV)

This babywearing costume is easy and practical. 


Cactus (Happiest Camper)

Everyone will want to snuggle this not-so-prickly succulent! 


Pumpkin (Chirping Moms)

Basic? Yes. Adorable? Also yes. Simple to make? 100%. 


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