Alison Sudol Talks Miscarriage, Pregnancy, and New Motherhood

Actor/singer/songwriter Alison Sudol sits down with Expectful Co-Founder and CEO Nathalie Walton to discuss her most raw, real reflections of motherhood, from a devastating miscarriage to the beautiful, painful, life-changing lessons learned as a new mother.

Alison details her journey through early heartbreak unlike she has ever told before and goes on to share laughs, tears, and pure astonishment around the entire motherhood experience. Ali discusses the particulars of how she handled pregnancy, the labor that never seemed to come, and how she has welcomed messy, stinky, lovely parenthood. Enjoy this exclusive interview with the passionate Alison Sudol, who we have come to know through her work on the Fantastic Beast series and her talents otherwise, but we have come to love her honesty and vulnerability as a fellow mother.

Enjoy this audio interview between our very own CEO at Expectful, Nathalie Walton, and the great Alison Sudol.

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