All About Burping Your Baby


Burping baby: Is it necessary? Why? And how? Is there more than one way? How much is enough? What if they never burp?!

We answer these questions in today’s post, which is all about burping babies. Seems like a simple task, but for sleep-deprived parents, the simple things can sometimes feel challenging. We’re here to help! 

Why do we burp babies?

When babies cry, coo, eat, laugh, etc., they swallow air. This swallowed air in their tiny system accumulates and can cause discomfort or pain in their stomach, which can cause fussiness. Babies can begin to burp on their own at 2 weeks, but prior to that time and even afterward, a baby should be burped to help move out the trapped air and relieve or prevent discomfort.

Do you need to burp baby?

As explained above, if you want to prevent pain and ensuing fussiness, yes — do attempt to burp your baby. But not all babies need to burp and not all babies need to burp every time. If your burping attempts fail to produce a burp, you can stop. 

When do you burp a baby?

After eating — if breastfeeding or chest/body feeding, try burping baby after eating on each side. If feeding by bottle, burp after baby eats 2 ounces. For some babies, burping is a trial and error — not all babies need to burp in between a feed; some are fine to wait until the end of a feed. Watch and observe your baby for signs of discomfort during eating, like squirming or pulling away, both of which could signal a need to be burped. 

How do you burp your baby?

Of course, there’s the classic over-the-shoulder hold — a time-honored parent favorite. But if that doesn’t work, or baby seems uncomfortable, try some other positions like laying baby tummy-down over your lap, supporting their head turned to the side or sitting them upright on your lap, burping with one hand and supporting their neck and head with the other. You can burp baby with the typical pat-pat motion with your open palm using firm but gentle pressure, or by rubbing their back in a circular motion, or a combination of both. 

When can you stop burping baby?

Once you hear the burp! If you don’t hear a burp after a 2-5 minutes of burping, baby may not need to burp. Babies typically outgrow the need to be burped between 4-6 months. 



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