Baby Dress! 8 Key Things To Consider Just Before You Go Shopping For Your Babywear

Baby Dress!  8 Key Things To Consider Just Before You Go Shopping For Your Babywear


Dressing is an essential need of your newborn, and as a parent, you always want to get it right in this aspect. One of the foremost thoughts that comes to bare in the preparation and planning for a baby is the dressing. Mums, and even dads are usually eager to style their newborns, trying various fits and outfits on them. However, the search for the right baby dress and style can sometimes be flummoxing.

Every mum wants her baby looking good and cute, feeling comfortable in whatever outfit he/she wears, and yes, that is achievable. When you have an idea of what to look out for before you go shopping for your newborn outfits, more than half of the problem is solved already, as shopping will no longer be burdensome and time-consuming, rather it will be a reliving moment and experience for you.

So, check out these key tips when shopping for the best baby outfit for your newborn;


Material is an important consideration when shopping for your baby wear. You have to look out for soft, comfortable materials that your baby will feel cozy in.  Choose fabrics that are soft and non-irritating such as cotton. There are various cotton materials you can use to make a baby dress and some of these are; Broadcloth, Muslin, Voile, Batiste, Jersey knit fabric, Fleece, Eyelet cotton. You don’t want the kind of material you go for causing harm to your baby, so it is important to choose a silky fabric for your baby.

Baby dress
A variety of baby wears. Photo credit:


Size is a crucial factor when shopping for your baby dress. You don’t want your baby wearing tight or too-loosed clothes. So, in choosing the perfect fitting for your newborn, take into consideration the size through measurements. Consider the neck size as you do not want your baby suffocating or feeling uncomfortable due to a tight-necked piece. You could test the outfit on your baby, particularly in situations where you are not too sure of your baby’s size. You could also opt for bigger sizes as it is better your baby wears over-sized clothes than an under-sized ones.


It is pertinent that your baby feels comfortable in whatever outfit he/she wears in whatever season (summer, winter, autumn, spring). It doesn’t matter the quality or the price of an outfit, if your baby does not feel comfortable in it, then it becomes pointless. Your newborn’s comfort should be primal. Your child should feel safe in whatever he/she wears.


Mums are most times agog with displaying their styling skills on their babies, however, styling requires so much after-thoughts, planning and preparation. It’s not a terrain you just hop into just because you feel you can. You don’t want your baby’s style to be a miss, but rather a hit, so take into consideration these key tips in styling your baby; Age- your baby’s age is a determinant factor in the kind of style you choose for him/her, selecting an age inappropriate style can be a miss. Also consider what suits him/her- you must have studied your baby and from your shopping experience, know what suits them. You can also complement their dressing with accessories.


Baby dresses serve various purposes. So, consider the intent before going on that shopping spree. Your baby most definitely needs loads of stay-home outfits. However, in situations where there is an occasion, you will need to go for clothing that suits such occasion.


Pricing is a pivotal factor when shopping for baby outfits. You will need to draw that shopping list, check out the prices of the dresses before deciding which to purchase. You want to provide quality outfits for your baby at the same time not breaking the bank, so you should consider the prices of these clothing, and go for those within your budget.


It is good to explore when shopping for your baby dresses, however, it is advisable to go for tested and trusted brands. You need brands that provide quality, affordable, alluring wears, suitable for your newborn.


Season is a crucial factor when shopping for your baby dress. There are four main seasons namely; Summer, Autumn, Winter and Spring. These seasons have clothing peculiar to them. Dressing for the weather is important too. Here are a list of appropriate newborn wears for the different seasons;


The weather is usually the warmest during summer, so it is expedient that your baby’s wardrobe is replete with light, comfortable wears for this season. You don’t want your baby crying, having skin rashes, feeling unwell because of the kind of clothing he/she has on. So, here are a list of dress styles suitable for summer;

Baby dress
A baby girl rocking cute summer outfits. Photo source:
  • Cotton dress
  • Printed dress
  • Casual summer floral dress
  • Frilly puffball dress
  • Sun dresses
  • Shorts, pants or skirts
  • Sun hats.


Autumn also referred to as Fall season introduces rainy and windy days. During this season, it is crucial your baby’s wardrobe is filled with warm clothings. Here are a list of appropriate baby wears for the autumn season;

Baby wearing a sweatshirt and a cap. Photo source:
  • Long sleeve shirts
  • Hoodies or sweaters
  • Light jackets
  • Hats
  • Rain coats
  • Rain/ snow boots
  • Fleece rompers
  • Gloves
  • Body suits
  • Thermal rompers.


Winter is the coldest season of the year, hence, it is important that your baby wears clothes that will keep him/her warm during this season, in order to avoid them catching a flu, having pneumonia and other related illnesses. So, extra care needs to be taken this season as regards what your baby wears. Check out these awesome baby dresses for the winter;

Baby dress
Sweat shirt suitable for winter. Photo source:
  • Hoodies or sweatshirts
  • Jackets
  • Winter coats
  • Body suits
  • Snow suits
  • Long-sleeved onesie
  • Booties
  • Hand gloves
  • Winter hats
  • Socks
  • Wearable blankets.


Spring season, also referred to as springtime is a transitional period where the weather is mostly fluctuant. So, check out these perfect springtime baby dresses for your newborn;

Baby dress
Adorable little baby girl wearing a spring hat. Photo credit:
  • Short-sleeved onesie
  • Cotton sweatshirts
  • Long-sleeve buttoned shirts
  • Leggings
  • Jackets
  • Spring gowns
  • Accessories
  • Spring hats.
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