Baby Games:10 Fun Games To Help You Bond More With Your Baby

Baby Games:10 Fun Games To Help You Bond More With Your Baby


We know mums and dads love to bond with their babies, and what better way to do so than through games. With games, you get to speak in the language they understand, have fun-time together playing, laughing, building that mum-child or dad-child relationship which is imperative.

Don’t you just love and adore those beautiful moments you spend with your baby? I bet you do! One amazing way to spice up those moments, making beautiful memories is by playing fun games with your baby.

Games do not only provide a good opportunity for bonding between parents and child, they are also important for your baby. Games are crucial for your baby’s mental, social and speech development; it allows them use their creativity while developing their imagination, dexterity, physical, cognitive and emotional strengths; games also help babies develop reading skills as there are games that require your baby to read out words embedded in them; they also become more familiar with the world around them through games. Interestingly, games are so entertaining.

Check out these 10 fun games to help you bond more with your baby;

Play Ball

Balls serve as a good play game for babies. You could join in with them by tossing the ball back and forth- your baby rolls the ball on the floor and you get it, and you roll the ball, your baby gets it. Taking turns to roll and get balls is a fun game for both mum/dad and babies.

Splish, Splash

Water, they say is life. Water is relaxing, fun and soothing. With Splish, Splash, you play with water with your baby in the bath tub. You could also make lathers with soap and blow in the air, while splashing water on different parts of their body.


Babies sure do love to be surprised. So, give them surprises with Peekaboo. You could cover your face with your hands and then remove your hands, while saying “Peekaboo”, that way, they are fixated on you, trying to find out what will happen next. You can do this continuously.

Clappity Clap

You could play clappity clap with your baby by clapping their hands together and then watch then mimic such act. It’s also a way of teaching them what it means to clap. While clapping you could repeat the words “clappity-clap” or say “zappity-zap”, as a way of spicing it up.

Baby Hazel Games

We are now in a digital world. There are fun games available to babies online; one of which is baby hazel games. With baby hazel games, you get access with loads of fun games to entertain both you and your baby. Some of the games available on Baby Hazel include; Baby Hazel in Kitchen, Baby Hazel Flower Girl, Baby Hazel Newborn Baby. You could also play dressups with Baby Hazel Artist Dressup, Chef Dressup, Christmas Dressup, Lawyer Dressup, Dentist Dressup.

Outdoor Games

Your baby sure does need a breath of fresh air, and one way to get that in a fun way is through outdoor games. You could drive them round the compound in their strollers, or baby car. You could also throw them in the air and catch them, while allowing them feel that gentle, outdoor breeze. The ambience outside is different, and once in a while, your baby needs to feel and appreciate nature.

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You can play the undercover game with your baby by sitting under the table with them or allowing them hide underneath the bedspread.

Show and Tell

You play show and tell, by holding an object in your hand (such as a toy), and then describing that object by telling your baby the name, its features and functions and allowing your baby to repeat after you. Sounds fun and educative, isn’t it? Try out the Show and Tell with your baby today.


Pedal can be done during dressing time; when you are dressing your baby up or probably when your baby is just lying on the bed. You play pedal by placing your baby on the bed, and rolling their legs like a bicycle. You could also chant sweet and sonorous baby songs in the process.


Tickling your baby is one fun game that makes your baby laugh and puts them in a happy mood. You could perk it up by singing sweet baby songs or reciting rhymes to their beautiful ears.

Keep making beautiful parent-baby memories through games. It’s fun-time!

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