Baby Names! Top Unique Baby Girl and Boy Name Ideas You Should Consider

Baby Names! Top Unique Baby Girl and Boy Name Ideas You Should Consider


The preparation for a baby can be a wholesome task as every detail needs to be taken into cognizance and put in place. One of the first crucial things that come to the fore when couples are planning to start a family and raise children is the naming of a child. Couples often seek for the perfect names for their unborn children and yes, it can be days, weeks and even months of in-depth thought and after-thought. Sometimes, it can be a struggle coming up with satisfying names for your newborn.

Naming is a crucial aspect in the planning of, and preparation for a child. In fact, in several cultures of the world, name is a pertinent aspect of a child’s life and there are beliefs that the name given to a child is what he/she lives by. Some cultures also see naming as s way of giving the child an identity, integrating him/her into the society and more importantly, expressing gratitude to God.

Here are 10 unique baby girl names and their meanings;

1. Sophia/Sofia

Sophia is a feminine name of Greek descent meaning “wisdom”. It is also a Christian name linked with “divine wisdom”. Sophia can also be nicknamed Sophie/Sofie. It is a beautiful name to live by.

2. Zoe

Zoe is of Greek origin meaning “life”.  It is a female first name, although can be gender neutral. It has become a known Christian name associated with “eternal life” or “divine life”.

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3. Avery

Avery emanates from the old English word ‘aelf’ meaning ‘elf’ and ‘ric’ that translates to “power”. Elves were beautiful, magical and powerful creatures. Variations of Avery are; Avry, Averey, Averi, Avary and Avrey.

4. Catherine/Kathryn

Catherine originates from the Greek word, “katharos” which means, “pure” or “clean”. The name also has a rich Christian historical heritage. Other variations of Catherine are Katheryn, Cathryn, Katharyn, Catharine, Katherin,Cathryn. That’s not all, there are also awesome nicknames that comes with bearing Catherine. Take a look at a few of these: Kate, Kath, Catey, Cath, Catie, Cayte, Kathy, Kathey.

5. Patricia

This is the feminine form of “Patrick”. It emanated from the Latin word, “patrician” which means “noble”. It has become a popular name in the United States and other parts of the world. Here are nicknames to Patricia; Tricia, Trish, Patsy, Patty, Trixie, Patti, Patrice.

6. Taylor

Taylor is an English name that translates to “eternal beauty”. It has become a popular baby name in most English-speaking nations and beyond. Short forms to the name include; Tay, Taylo, Tayla, Aylo, Ayla, Tori and Lori.

7. June

The name sprung from ancient Rome. It is an alluring name that tells of summer and sunny days. Guess what? Your baby girl does not have to be born in the month of June to be named “June”. It is such a beautiful name that you should consider giving your child.

8. Roselyn/Rosalyn/Rosaline

This name is of German roots and it means “gentle horse”. As spectacular, beautiful and alluring the rose flower is, the name Rose also depicts such beauty, grandeur, gentleness and finesse. Other variations of the name are; Rosaleen, Rosalind, Roselyne, Rosalina, Rose, Rosa, Aleen, Rosalee, Rozyln.

9. Royal/Royalty

As the name implies, it signifies Queenship and magnificence. In Latin, “Royal” means “Regal”. The name “Royal” is of English, Scottish and Latin heritage.

10. Rachel/Rachael/Rachelle

It is a Hebrew name meaning “ewe/female sheep/lamb” and “one with purity”. It is derived from the Hebrew word “rachel” . Nicknames for Rachel include; Ray, Rahel, Raye, Rachela, Raquel, Ruchel, Rachie. Rachel is such a great name you should consider calling your baby girl.

These are all beautiful and alluring female names you can give your child.

Do you have a male child or you are planning to? Check out these awesome baby boy names I bet you’d love.

1. Aeden

Aeden is a masculine name of American, Irish and Dutch origin and it means “fire” or “paradise”. The diminutive Aodhon means “little fire.” Variations to this name are Aiden, Ayden. Aeden has been ranked in over 50 countries, although it is most popular in German, English, French, Dutch, Spanish and Portuguese speaking countries.

2. Trevor

Trevor is an English variation of the Welsh surname, ‘Trefor’. It means “settlement”, “industrious”, “large”. The name is sometimes called ‘Trever’.

3. Zion

Zion is a gender neutral name of Hebrew descent that means “Israel”. It is associated with Christians to mean “Jerusalem”. Zion was a citadel situated at the centre of Jerusalem, which explains why it means “highest point”. Those bearing Zion can also be referred to as ‘Zyen’ or ‘Zyon’. It is also a gender-neutral name.

4. Alexander

Alexander is the Latin variant of the English name, “Alexandros” which means “defender of men”. It is also of Biblical origin which translates to “one who assists men”. The name has been connected with Alexander the Great. Short forms of Alexander are; Alex, Xander, Xan, Lex, Andy and Al.

5. Scott

Scott originated from Britain and it means “from Scotland” or “Scotsman”. It is a gorgeous name to give your baby boy.

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6. Liam

Liam is the abridged version of the Irish name, “Uilliam” translated “helmet of will”. Liam means “strong-willed warrior and protector”. It is also a modernized version of the name, “William”. Variations of Liam are Lyam and Llyam. The name “Liam” has grown famous across the world.

7. Oliver

Oliver is a masculine name of English origin and it means, “Descendant of the Ancestor”.  Those bearing Oliver are often nicknamed Ollie, Ol, Oly.

8. Omarion

Omarion is a dynamic name of African-American, Arabic descent and it means “populous”, “flourishing”. The name has also become popular in major parts of the world. Abridged forms of Omarion are; Omar, Omari and Omer.

9. Noah

Noah originates from the Hebrew word “Noach” which means “rest”, “repose” and “comfort”. It is a popular masculine name associated with Christians. Noah was a righteous man chosen by God. Variations of Noah include; Noa, Noe, Noach, Nooa, Nowah, Nohwa.

10. Leonard

Leonard is of German and Latin origin meaning, “brave” and “strong”. Nicknames of Leonard include; Leo, Len, Lenny, Leon.

These are all beautiful and gorgeous baby boy and girl names you should give your kids. They signify beauty, bravery, strength, wisdom, power, life and even more. Little worries for mums and dads now as these names are a go-to any day, anytime!

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