Best Baby Carriers of 2023

Best Baby Carriers of 2023


Collage of the best baby carriers of 2023

Babywearing is a game changer in the marathon of raising tiny humans. You need an excellent baby carrier. Or a wearable carrying device that allows you to keep your baby close and your hands free. But the number of carriers on the market might be overwhelming. We’ve rounded up our top picks so you (and your back) can find comfort.

Types of Baby Carriers

  • Structured carrier: Built like a backpack, it utilizes shoulder straps and a padded front or back carry “pack.”A structured carrier offers multiple carry positions and comfortable support.
  • All-in-one-carrier: An all-in-one baby carrier is for those newborn days through toddlerhood. These typically feature multiple carry positions.
  • Mini carrier: Mini carriers are for easy wearing and close proximity to mama’s heartbeat.
  • Wrap: A wrap is a single, long, stretchy piece of material that ties around the body to provide womb-like comfort for the baby.
  • Ring sling: A ring sling is made from one piece of wide fabric, looped together by two rings, and worn over the shoulder and torso. This creates a cozy seating space for the baby.
  • Babywearing shirt: A babywearing shirt is made like a typical T-shirt – with a built-in “pouch” on the front designed to mimic the womb. Babywearing shirts are built for newborns.

When and Why You’d Use a Baby Carrier

Babywearing can be done from when your baby is born through their toddler years. There are many benefits to babywearing, including the following:

  • Babywearing promotes closeness for mom and baby. It naturally lends itself to kangaroo care and skin-to-skin contact in the early days and beyond.
  • Babywearing frees up your hands. This lets you keep your little bundle close while knocking items off your to-do list. Babywearing is hugely helpful for parents of multiple children.
  • Babywearing is convenient. Because baby carriers are lightweight and compact, they’re much easier to throw in the car and toss your baby in for your day’s outings (vs. bulky strollers, etc.). On the other hand, baby carriers can also be easily stowed in any stroller basket.
  • Babywearing is comforting for the mom (or caregiver) and baby. Is anything more peaceful than a perfectly content baby snuggled up against your chest?

What to Look for When Choosing a Baby Carrier

Many great baby carrier options exist, but no two are exactly alike. They tend to vary quite a bit. Here’s what you’ll want to consider when searching for your perfect fit.

  • Weight and age requirements: Most carriers have a minimum and maximum weight limit, and many also have minimum age requirements. You’ll want to be sure your baby is within your carrier’s required range.
  • Ergonomic design: Spine and hip health are critical aspects of human development in the early years, so your carrier must be ergonomically designed to provide proper support.
  • Carry positions: Some carriers are made for front-wearing only, while others allow for the added versatility of forward-facing and back-carrying options. This is a personal preference, but if you’re particular about the carry position, be sure to do your research before purchasing.
  • Safety: Safety-tested carriers will be clearly labeled as such. In particular, look for tags referencing hip-safety approval by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute and OEKO-TEX non-toxic fabric certification.
  • Comfort: Whether this means padded shoulder straps, broad support at the waist, or breathable all-season fabric, comfort should always be a top consideration when choosing a baby carrier.

Best Baby Carriers of 2023

After comparing parent reviews, doing thorough research, and testing dozens of baby carriers, we’ve compiled our favorites that made our Chick Picks below.

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