Best Maternity Wears in 2021 and 10 Tested Tips for Selection

Best Maternity Wears in 2021 and 10 Tested Tips for Selection


One of the foremost things that serve as a source of concern to pregnant women is their dressing. I understand you want to dress to suit your new ‘role’ and sometimes, you might be in total or partial oblivion as to what to wear. Also, who says you can’t slay in pregnancy? You absolutely can!

Bodies and bump sizes differ. Some women bump become prominent in their first trimester, some in their second trimester and others, third trimester. So, some start to wear their maternity clothes earlier than others.

Here are best maternity wears, from clothing to foot wears and tested tips for selection;

Tank Dress

A maternity tank dress, not only makes a pregnant woman feel comfortable, but also makes her look stylish and gorgeous in it. This dress comes in both sleeve and sleeveless types with varying colours and designs. Comfort is key when you are pregnant, and a simple tank dress is the answer. There are other maternity dresses you can rock and they include; Chiffon gown, Maxi dress, V-neck floral dress. These dresses come in short and long, loose and fitted forms, depending on which you want to buy.


A sweatshirt is one of the must-haves for an expectant mum, particularly during winter and fall season. Maternity sweatshirts are an optimal choice – simple, classy, cozy and comfortable. I recommend you buying this on your next shopping spree. These hoodies are specially designed for pregnant women. There are different maternity sweatshirts you can rock – Long sleeve Hooded Fleece Sweatshirt, Sweatshirt Tunics, Zip up Sweatshirt, Half Zip Pullover Fleece, Short sleeve Tulip Hem Nursing Sweatshirt, Oversized Sweatshirt, and Sporty Hoodie.

Tees and Tops

Maternity t-shirts and tops are chic and fashionable. There are both long and short sleeve tees and tops for pregnant women. There is the Long sleeve side ruched maternity t-shirt, Vneck side ruched t-shirt, Tank top, Bumpstart short sleeve t-shirt, Tunic t-shirt and Baseball tee.

Pregnant woman on a tee, holding a flower. Photo credit:

Trench Coat and Jacket

Trench coats and jackets are super stylish for pregnant women. Their dual role of serving as fashion goal and providing shield and comfort, makes them even more preferable. They come in different types and designs just for you. Isn’t that awesome? It sure is! Here are some of the types of maternity trench coats and jackets; Fleece lined coat, Maternity raincoat, Winter coat thicken warm long jacket with fur trimmed hood, Casual parker maternity coat, Winter outwear jacket, Floral print fleece lined hooded coat, and Zip up sweatshirt jacket. These jackets and coats can go with leggings and pants.

Pregnant woman on denim jacket. Photo source:


Whether on work or slay mode, maternity blazers are a must-have in your clothing selection. Here are some blazers you can try pulling off during maternity – Blazer suit, Blazer with pockets overcoat outwear, Blazer jacket, and Cape blazer.


Maternity joggers do not only make you appear sporty, but chic and classy as well. Most importantly, you get to look and feel comfortable in them.

Maternity Pants and Leggings

One way to look gorgeous and stylish during maternity is by rocking pants or leggings. Maternity pants and leggings come in various styles and designs. Here are some of them; Palazzo pants, Maternity scrub pants, Workout pants, Leggings pants, Maternity ankle trousers, Woven dress pants, Fleece lined stretch skinny pants, Cotton sweatpants, and Casual tapered cropped trousers. You should also have a catalogue of denims as they are also good for maternity. However, it’s important that you do not go for too tight denims.

Scarves, Wrappers, and Shawls

You need these pieces of clothing during maternity. They add colour to your outfit, as well as help hide stains of vomit and spit from your newborn.

It’s also advisable to go for foot wears that you are comfortable in. You could get sneakers, flip flops, sandals, and the likes.

Here are 10 tested tips you should consider when shopping for your maternity wear;

  • Go for clothes with features that can see you through up to childbirth: When shopping for maternity wears, it is important to see beyond your pregnancy and project towards childbirth and few months after that. This is important because you will still need those clothes even after childbirth- at least for a while. Don’t go for clothing that you won’t be able to wear in your third trimester and after childbirth.
  • Check your wardrobe, you may just have some bump-friendly clothing: Do not discard all the clothes in your wardrobe just because you are pregnant. Go through your wardrobe, there might just be some nice pieces suitable for pregnancy.
  • Your comfort should be priority: When shopping for your maternity wears, you should make your comfort priority. Always go for clothes you feel comfortable in.
  • You don’t have to hide your baby bump: You should not feel that you have to hide your baby bump. In fact, your clothes should show your baby bump. Modern maternity wears do not hide baby bumps, and really, why should you hide such amazing gift?
  • Go for clothes that are breastfeeding friendly: Your maternity wear should transcend beyond the duration of pregnancy to childbirth. Therefore, it is important to go for clothes that are breastfeeding friendly as you will need them during the period of breastfeeding.
  • Do not discard all your clothing: Do not discard all your clothing just because you are pregnant. You will still need them after childbirth.
  • Do not go for synthetic materials: Avoid buying clothes made of synthetic (nylon and acrylic), during pregnancy as they are not easily breathable compared to materials made of cotton, silk, wool and linen.
  • Go for stretchy clothing: It is advisable to go for clothes that are loose and stretchy during pregnancy as these clothing make you feel comfortable in them.
  • Shop for all seasons: Pregnancy is nine months, so you will likely experience virtually all seasons during pregnancy. Hence, it is advisable to shop for all seasons – Winter, Summer, Autumn, and Spring.
  • Go for the essentials: When shopping for your maternity wear, it is crucial you go for the essentials, rather than spending money on clothing items you may not wear.

Now you have an idea of what to do when shopping for your maternity wear, and clothes to go for. Happy shopping mums!  

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