Birth flowers by month and their special meanings

Birth flowers by month and their special meanings

Flowers are like nature’s expression of love. We carry bouquets at weddings and gift them to loved ones for every kind of occasion, from birthdays to date nights and anniversaries to holidays. Part of the fun is searching for that particular flower or color that best represents the occasion or the person. Especially if you’re considering naming your little one by their birth month flowers, well, let’s just say that their are a lot of adorable options.

Whether you’re gathering a bouquet for your kitchen countertop, a special occasion or discovering birth flowers by month for baby name inspiration, understanding the meaning behind these birth month flowers makes everything even more special. Just like gemstones, flowers have tons of different meanings so whether you choose certain flowers based off of someone’s birth month or for their particular meaning, you can bet that your customized gift will be a loving sentiment no matter what the occasion. Scroll through these birth month flowers and their individual meanings for unique inspiration.

January: carnation and snowdrop

Carnations symbolize love, devotion and loyalty. Snowdrops symbolize innocence, purity and they are also seen as a sign of hope because they are one of the first flowers to bloom at the end of winter.

February: violet and primrose

Violets represent modesty, humility and virtue while primrose flowers symbolize youthful love, everlasting existence and youth. Makes for an interesting combination for the month of love!

March: daffodil and jonquil

March birth flowers are both considered to be symbols of happiness and hope. Traditionally daffodils are given on 10 year anniversaries.

April: daisy and sweet pea

The daisy is mostly associated with loyalty, purity and innocence but, it’s also a flower that’s usually gifted to new mothers because it’s also believed to symbolize motherhood. Not only do sweet peas bring a beautiful pop of color but they also represent blissful pleasure, goodbyes and thank you’s.

May: Lily of the valley and hawthorn

The rare and expensive lily of the valley flowers symbolize sweetness, purity and humility. Hawthorn flowers are particularly famous in Irish mythology and symbolize protection and love.

June: rose and honeysuckle

In general, roses are thought to symbolize love and passion but each color can hold their own meaning. For example, white rose symbolize friendship and red roses stand for romantic love. Resilient honeysuckle flowers represent devotion and everlasting bonds, as well as happiness and affection.

July: larkspur and water lilies

Larkspurs representt dignity and positivity. Water lilies are a symbol of fertility and purity and, because they sprout from mud they are symbolic of enlightenment and rebirth.

August: gladiolus and poppy

Gladiolus, which roughly translates from Latin to “sword lily,” symbolizes strength and moral integrity. The poppy has different meanings all around the world but generally it’s associated with relaxation, healing and hope for a peaceful future.

September: aster and morning glory

Aster flowers represent valor, wisdom and faith. Morning glories symbolize affection and essence of life . September babies are often thought to be affectionate, humble and spontaneous.

October: marigold and cosmos

True to their sunny nature, marigolds represent the rising sun, optimism and prosperity. Cosmos symbolize peace and harmony. They are often favored for expressing ever-lasting love and are associated with two year wedding anniversaries.

November: chrysanthemum

These flowers symbolize well wishes and are believed to bring good luck. They were first cultivated in 15th century China.

December: narcissus and holly

The narcissus includes different types of daffodils but December’s birth flower specifies the paper white. It represents rebirth, rejuvenation, faithfulness and vanity. Even though holly’s aren’t technically a flower the holly bush is traditionally associated with the festive holiday month. They symbolize friendship and faithful love.

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