Breastfeeding and Chestfeeding Resources for Asian and Pacific Islander Families

August 15-21 is Asian American and Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islander Breastfeeding Week. This year’s theme is “Telling our own stories. Elevating our voices.” The designated week, which is sponsored by the Asian & Pacific Islander Breastfeeding Task Force, aims to bring attention to barriers to breastfeeding / chestfeeding in these communities along with strategies for success. 

The Asian & Pacific Islander Breastfeeding Task Force is operated in the Los Angeles, CA, area by a group of passionate people dedicated to promoting and supporting breastfeeding in Asian community. The organization helps people in their communities by providing breastfeeding / chestfeeding education and services, Asian language resources, and by engaging with and promoting Asian and Pacific Islander IBCLCs, businesses, and advocacy groups. They cite barriers to successful breastfeeding / chestfeeding as:

  • “Corporate interests that promote formula as better than breastmilk
  • Lack of lactation education for physicians & clinical practices that are not breastfeeding-friendly
  • Only 6% of lactation professionals in LA identify as Asian and Pacific Islander
  • Almost half of Asian Americans in the San Gabriel Valley are limited English proficient, yet prenatal medical visits offer little breastfeeding education using language-appropriate materials
  • Parenting style is deeply rooted in Asian and Pacific Islander culture and is not always congruent with current Baby-Friendly hospital practices”


You can find a wealth of resources on the Asian & Pacific Islander Breastfeeding Task Force website, Facebook page, and Instagram. Check out their pages to find out about breastfeeding / chestfeeding educational events, and helpful videos and resources, including:

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