Obviously buying a baby container or a baby car seat is a very serious purchase, you need to inform yourself before buying the car seat and understand what the key points to consider before the purchase are.

To start you need to realize that your child’s age and obviously its weight has a close relationship with the car seat that you need to buy.  Baby Car Seats have requirements depending on these factors.

When you buy a baby car seat, you need to understand that your kid will grow, and once this happens you will need to change the shoulder straps to the next set of slots of the seat. These straps needed to be above the solders of your kid in a rear-facing restraint. If your seat is instead a front facing, then the straps should be above, at the same level as your child’s shoulder.

Baby car seats are not just a seat, you need to keep in mind that you need to adjust the car seat once the baby can hold up his head and once the weight of the children increases beyond the limit of the seat.

My advice is to put your baby facing the back of the car; it has been proved by many safety experts that this is the safest way.

Once your baby becomes a toddler and once he gets bigger you need to remember that after he is 26 kilos you can use an adult seatbelt if you purchase and install in your car a booster seat.  If you do so, my advice is to put your kid in the middle of the car, which is, in fact, the safest place in the car in case of a side impact. Once you install the seat, you can also use a child harness to protect and holder the kid head and torso back.

For sure, your kid in the begging is not going to love it, but try to remind your kid of the importance of a proper safety. So be wise investing your money when searching for infant safety seats

If at any stage you are seeking for baby car seat accessories, you can always get products that will make the trip a bit easier and comfortable for your kids, but do not forget that accessories do not increase the safety, so before you buy extra products, get the basics right.

Your baby seat car should be approved by your country safety authority and have all the safety logos and standards in place.

Do not forget that if your kid is using an adult seatbelt, the belt sure is tight around the hips, and when I mention hips, I am trying to make it clear that you do not want to belt around her belly. You really need to be sure your baby car seat keeps your son and daughter safe and sound.

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