Events to Attend During Indigenous Milk Medicine Week

August 8-14 is Indigenous Milk Medicine Week (formerly Native Breastfeeding Week) and is a time to honor the significance of and spread awareness on issues pertaining to breastfeeding and chestfeeding people among Native people. The week is sponsored by the Indigenous Milk Medicine Collective. The organization works to “increase support and resources for Native first food experiences, to promote healing and wellness, and to push for access, opportunity, visibility and equity in Indigenous Milk experiences.”

We hope you will share information on and/or attend one or more of the excellent event offerings during the week. For more information about all the events, be sure to visit the Indigenous Milk Medicine Week Facebook page

Guided Journaling Session for Parents & Caregivers

Thursday, August 11 at 6:30p ET/4:30P MT

Guided journaling meditation session for parents and caregivers. Prompts will help participants to reflect, find inspiration and comfort. Register here for this zoom session.

Ask an IBCLC

Thursday, August 11 at 12PM PT/2AM ET (8/12)

Bring all your lactation questions. Email questions ahead of time to or join and ask live on the Indigenous Milk Medicine Week Facebook page

Parenting Support Circle

Saturday, August 13 at 4:30PM ET

Join this parenting and caregiver support circle to share challenges and successes. Hosted by IMMW members Courtney Peyketewa and Jaclyn Roessel. Register here.


For a complete list of programs, including a yoga and mindful movement session, be sure to check out the Indigenous Milk Medicine Collective website as well their Facebook page and Instagram account


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