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Sample of what you’ll learn about your growing baby:

At 26 weeks, your baby’s lungs start to develop surfactant. This substance helps keep the lungs inflated after birth, and now that it’s being produced, your little one has a better chance of survival if they were born now. Their fat stores are steadily increasing, and they’re also continuing to grow bone material. Your growing baby now weighs in at close to 800 grams (two pounds) and is about 14 inches long, or roughly as long as a rutabaga.

Sample of what you’ll learn about your stage of pregnancy:

Friends, family, or even complete strangers may tell you not to exercise while you’re pregnant for fear that you will harm the baby or go into labor too soon. However, years of research show that exercise is safe and beneficial for most people who are pregnant. Remember that in about 27 weeks or so, you will be performing an enormous physical feat – childbirth! Prepare your body and mind for the challenge by engaging in moderate physical activity on a regular basis.

Sample words of wisdom from other parents:

I found just being outside in the fresh air renewed my energy and helped my nausea. I made sure to get some fresh air every day, even if it was just walking to the mailbox. I especially liked walking in the park near my home. Being in nature is such a natural stress reliever for me and kept my nausea at bay.

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