Healthy Baby Food! 5 Concerns You Need To Know

Healthy Baby Food! 5 Concerns You Need To Know


Babies; tender, delicate and loving creatures, really do need so much care, particularly when it comes to the kinds of baby food they consume. Little wonder why mothers and fathers have had concerns with the type of baby food available in the growing baby food market. Babies always require nutritious meals for growth and development, therefore, these health concerns by mothers are valid. In addition, with the rising rate of adulterated edibles infiltrating the market, one needs to be extra careful when shopping for what they eat.

Baby food are important as they help them grow healthier, stronger, smarter, as well as build the agility in them. These eatables range from cereals, to baby formulas, to those fortified in iron, calcium, vitamins and minerals, fruits and vegetables and the likes. Babies within the ages of 0-12 months require so much nurturing and that is why the aforementioned have overtime been recommended by medical doctors and dieticians for them. However, with the development in baby formulas and baby food come the fuss about which is genuine and healthy and which is not. Here are a number of health concerns that have been raised regarding baby foods.

1) Could It Be Contaminated?

This is one of the logical worries mothers have had with baby foods. The steep level at which we get to see these edibles in the market make one wonder and ponder whether they have been contaminated or not. It is hence crucial for mummies and daddies to carefully examine the foods they purchase for their babies,looking out for signs of bacteria which are harmful to them. Also, when parents notice that the food is smelly, distasteful or sour,then that is a sign that it is contaminated.

2). Will The Baby Adversely React To The Food?

Not all edible go in sync with a baby’s body system and so there are health concerns as to whether the baby may react to the food taken, thereby causing them to vomit, become nauseated, feel weak, cry, have a headache or stomach upset. As a result of this, it is important for parents to carefully observe their baby’s reaction to comestibles taken and discontinue where reactions are negative. It is also crucial to seek the help of  a dietician in planning your child’s meals as they give advice from a professional standpoint.

3). Rising Rate of Metallic Substances:

The influx of metallic substances such as arsenic, cadmium, lead, mercury in baby foods have become worrisome. Sadly, these metals are found in most foods such as rice, fruits and vegetables, fruit juices and even in proteins. Babies need to eat healthy, however, with these metals wriggling into the foods they consume, how healthy can babies feed? Therefore, parents have a responsibility to ensure a minimal intake of these foods laced with metals, in order to prevent babies from constantly falling ill.

4). Chemicals and Toxins:

The amount of chemicals used in the making of these foods question how healthy they are. These chemicals are toxic, therefore, unfit for consumption. Sadly, babies consume them which has had a negative impact on them in time past and present. Hence, when scouting for eatables for your baby, make sure you purchase those with minimal chemicals. Government agencies such as the National Agency for Food and Drug Administration and Control (NAFDAC) need to step up in their duties and responsibilities by developing laws and policies that regulate the use of chemicals in the production of baby food. It is even more saddening that there are stores that do not conduct frequent search on expired products on their carts to eliminate them, and some even intentionally sell these expired foods, knowing that they are harmful to consumers.

5). Are These Foods Adequately Tested?

There are growing concerns as to whether manufactured foods go through the requisite testing by not only manufacturers, but also by the agency in charge, which is NAFDAC in Nigeria. When foods are not sufficiently tested, the tendency for the penetration of toxins, harmful chemicals become inevitable and these can have a ripple effect on babies. Food testing should be carried out particularly with fast foods, canned and processed ones and fruit juices, because these foods have a high level of metal in them. Those that do not pass the required benchmark for consumption should not be allowed to hit the food market, as doing so can have a negative effect on consumers, in this case, babies.

          Having observed the various health concerns regarding baby foods, here are a number of things that can be done to reduce or even eliminate such concerns;

Solutions To These Health Concerns

  • When shopping for your baby food next time, properly examine the available eatables, looking out for smelly or distasteful foods as these are signs that they have been contaminated, so as to avoid buying them.
  • As much as there are a whole lot of metals available in baby foods, mothers can try to reduce the quantity of these edibles given to their babies.
  • Parents show try as much as possible to a avoid giving their babies fast foods and canned foods as a whole lot of chemicals go into their production, and these can be harmful to babies.
  • Parents need to be so observant about any and everything that has to do with their babies. Whenever you notice any unhealthy or inappropriate reaction in your baby, or even a total, sudden change in mood, check for the cause, it may just be food poisoning.
  • There is no logic or one-way street in raising a child. You cannot  know it all as a parent, so it is also important to employ the service of a dietician to guide you in the planning and preparation of your child’s meals.
  • Regulatory bodies need to do more in their job of totally eradicating unhealthy, contaminated foods from the market.
  • Ensure your baby is properly hydrated. Healthy foods, fruits and vegetables are highly recommended.

          Health is wealth, may sound cliché-like but it is so true because with health comes the ability to function maximally. As a parent, you won’t be at peace if your baby falls ill, hence, it is important to put in extra efforts at ensuring that your baby eats healthy and try to eliminate anything that may jeopardize their health.

      The formative years of a child are so important that if anything goes wrong at that stage, correcting it may be somewhat difficult. So, why not prevent it from happening by carrying out due and diligent study and research to guaranty that your baby is consuming the right food at the right time. Your worries ad concerns about how healthy your baby is feeding can be over if you as a parent can follow the crucial tips mentioned in this article.

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