Healthy Pregnancy & Birth To Do List: Month 10


Welcome to Month 10 of your month-by-month checklist guide to a healthy pregnancy and birth! This to-do list with a twist contains key tips and action items for optimal health and birth preparation, in addition to reminders for fun things, too. Looking for later months? Stay tuned as we post about the postpartum month in the coming weeks! Take a look at the checklists from previous months.

Healthy Pregnancy & Birth To-Do List: Month 10

Weeks 37-40 of pregnancy: your 10th month! Notice I didn’t say, the “end” of pregnancy? That’s because not all pregnancies end by 40 weeks. In fact, most first pregnancies go past 40 weeks, with an average of 41 weeks (unless induced before labor begins on its own). The following are helpful and healthy things you can do during this month of pregnancy. If you’ve already had your baby, skip this post and focus on your postpartum time!     

 Like last month, remember to take time for you, and for you and your partner. You can’t “bank” time before the baby comes, but you can savor the quiet moments! 

 If you haven’t already, install your baby’s car seat. Take it to your local fire department to have it checked for safety.  

 Care provider check in: Are you happy with your care? Yes, even this late, you can switch your doctor or midwife. It may not be simple, but it can be impactful if you’re experiencing poor care.    

 Continue taking your daily folic acid supplement and prenatal vitamin.

 Continue going to your prenatal visits.  

 Mental and emotional health check: It’s normal to feel anxious, but feeling overwhelmed by anxiety calls for professional support, either from your doctor or a therapist.  

 Sleep, sleep, sleep. You never know when you’re going to go into labor — getting good rest beforehand helps you maintain stamina for the big job ahead.   

 Preterm labor is still a concern — report any signs to your doctor or midwife.   

 Keep up with kick counts.  

 Keep up with your walking — it’s a great way to kick start labor!   

 Learn the signs of preeclampsia and report any signs to your midwife or doctor right away.   

 Avoid induction unless medically necessary.   


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