Healthy Pregnancy & Birth To Do List: Month 5


Welcome to Month 5 of your month-by-month checklist guide to a healthy pregnancy and birth! This to-do list with a twist contains key tips and action items for optimal health and birth preparation, in addition to reminders for fun things, too. Looking for later months? Stay tuned as we post months 6-10, plus postpartum, in the coming weeks! Take a look at the checklists from previous months.

Healthy Pregnancy & Birth To-Do List: Month 5

Weeks 17-20 of pregnancy: square in the middle of your second trimester. Many people have their first experience of feeling baby kicks during this time. And most people have their 20 week anatomy scan ultrasound at/around the end of this month. The following are helpful and healthy things you can do during this month of pregnancy.     

 Plan to take your partner or a loved one to your 20 week appointment — it feels good to have someone who cares about you by your side.

 Care provider check in: Are you still happy/satisfied with the care you’re receiving? Switching to a new office/provider can make a huge difference, and it’s not too late! 

 Continue taking your daily folic acid supplement and prenatal vitamin.

 Follow up: Did you secure a daycare arrangement or did you get your name on a waitlist? 

 Research and sign up for a childbirth class  and don’t forget a breastfeeding class, too.  

 Mental health check in: Do you feel like yourself? If not, don’t wait — talk to your doctor. Prenatal mood disorders are common and treatable.

 Start thinking about and planning your baby’s room and/or sleeping space. Whether it’s a corner in your room or baby has their own suite, creating space is a fun and exciting project for most families!

 Keep up with your sleep — try to get at least 7 hours a night. Buy a pregnancy pillow (or make your own!) to find comfort as your body’s needs change. 

 Update your baby registry

 Keep tracking questions between prenatal appointments.  

 Recommit to exercising 3-5 days a week, 25-30 minutes at a time. Tired of the treadmill? Try swimming! Being “weightless” feels great as your body adjusts to a growing pregnancy. 

 Consider what can you say “no” to or delegate. Begin moving what you can off your plate and dedicating more time to rest and self care. Pregnancy is an intense time of mental, emotional, and physical changes — your mind and body need you!

 Create a timeline and task list for your maternity leave in collaboration with your boss/supervisor/team. 

 Add more fruits and veggies into your snacks and meals. Buy what’s in season for the best prices and freshest produce. Or get frozen for the convenience! Do what works best for your time and organization abilities.  

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