Healthy Pregnancy & Birth To Do List: Month 9


Welcome to Month 9 of your month-by-month checklist guide to a healthy pregnancy and birth! This to-do list with a twist contains key tips and action items for optimal health and birth preparation, in addition to reminders for fun things, too. Looking for later months? Stay tuned as we post months 10 through postpartum, in the coming weeks! Take a look at the checklists from previous months.

Healthy Pregnancy & Birth To-Do List: Month 9

Weeks 33-36 of pregnancy: your 9th month! You might be wondering why this is the 9th month and yet, not the end of pregnancy (aka, around 40 weeks). Though we say it all the time, pregnancy isn’t technically 9 months and one month isn’t always technically 4 weeks. For the sake of simplicity, we’re using the 4-week model of a month to date pregnancy in these to-do lists. The following are helpful and healthy things you can do during this month of pregnancy.     

 Take time for you, and for you and your partner. You can’t “bank” time before the baby comes, but you can savor the quiet moments! 

 Install your baby’s car seat according to the user manual. Take it to your local fire department to have it checked for safety.  

 Care provider check in: Are you happy with your care? Any red flags? Yes, you can still switch your doctor or midwife if you are unsatisfied with the quality of your care.   

 Continue taking your daily folic acid supplement and prenatal vitamin.

 Did you get everything you need for baby? Check over your supplies for any last minute items you want to have in time for baby’s arrival.  

 Mental and emotional health check: Increased anxiety is common as birth nears. If you feel overwhelmed by how you feel, talk to a professional — either your doctor or a therapist.   

 Print a couple of copies of your birth plan and put them in your hospital bag. Share your birth preferences with your doula if you haven’t already. 

 Sleep whenever and however you can. You likely won’t be sleeping soundly through the night at this point, so catch up with rest or a nap during the day.   

 Put any finishing touches on baby’s room or sleeping area. 

 Preterm labor is still a concern — report any signs to your doctor or midwife.   

 Keep up with kick counts.  

 Keep moving! Walking is a great, low-impact way to stay fit for birth.   

 If possible, hire someone (or ask a good friend/family member for help) to clean your house.   

 Ask your midwife or doctor about routine newborn procedures, tests, and screening after birth. Decide what you do or do not want for your baby.   


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