Having a baby is an exciting period especially for first-time moms. But alongside this excitement is the uncertainty of what they will experience during childbirth. According to experts, giving birth is easy enough – it is the labour that hurts the most. Drugs can deaden the pain. There are other ways to achieve labour pain relief but their efficiency largely depends on the cause of the labour pain.

Generally, labour pain is classified into three: functional, physiological, and emotional. Identifying and determining the cause of the pain is half the battle won during labour and childbirth so it is important for new moms to keep calm. 

Types of Labour Pain

Functional pain

During labour, vaginal muscles dilate and contract repeatedly which can certainly cause some degree of pain.

Physiological pain

The baby’s position may deviate from normal (head first) which can cause difficulty during labour. Posterior babies often require alternative methods like back labour or the caesarian method to be delivered safely. 

Emotional pain

Most cases of labour pain are classified as emotionally driven. This can be caused by lack of childbirth information or fear in the mother. Intense emotions can cause mothers to tense up and fight the contractions; actions that serve no purpose except to heighten labour pains. 

Below are Tips to Relieve Labor Pain 

  1. Entrust the birth to a considerate health practitioner: New moms can choose between midwives and doctors but the bottom line is that the practitioner they chose to assist them in giving birth must be supportive of their want to experience a natural birth and has the expertise to provide them with the necessary care. 
  2. Choose a well-equipped birth setting: The proposed place should have all the equipment necessary to facilitate the birth and a support team to assist the practitioner and the new mom. New moms can opt to give birth to their baby in their own homes, birthing centers, or hospitals. Each setting has advantages and disadvantages that new moms must discuss with their chosen healthcare professional.  
  3. Study labour positioning and other labour techniques. There are labour new moms can choose to assume during labour. Standing and walking or simply sitting are just some of the positions new moms can try during labour. These positions help mothers to tolerate the contractions and align babies so they can be delivered easily.  

Aside from determining the cause of labour pain and learning techniques, new moms also need the support of their partners, families, and friends. Regular exercise and balanced diet can also help minimize labour pain by keeping new moms fit and healthy.

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