In your words: Reviews for The Motherly Guide to Becoming Mama


Pregnancy is the art of creating a new life. But, in so many ways, your life is becoming new, too. From the physical and emotional changes that begin from the earliest days of pregnancy through the postpartum period and beyond, you are transforming. You are becoming Mama—and we believed it was time for that to be honored, recognized and supported.

We created The Motherly Guide to Becoming Mama with the mission to offer the best wisdom and knowledge possible though an expert-sourced, mama-based guide. That starts with never telling you what you “should” do, but instead empowering you through your own pregnancy, birth and postpartum journey.

What’s in The Motherly Guide to Becoming Mama?

With beautifully illustrated images, evidence-based information and insights from 16 expert contributors, The Motherly Guide to Becoming Mama is a thorough (yet unintimidating) guide for women during the preconception phase through postpartum and beyond.

This includes:

  • Getting pregnant—planning, conception, fertility challenges, and finding the right care provider and birth strategy for you
  • Pregnancy month by month—how to understand, nourish, and support your own body and your baby’s health throughout your pregnancy
  • Giving birth—everything you need to feel empowered and prepared through the four stages of labor
  • The “fourth trimester”—helping you heal, process your experience, and thrive in the super-important and often ignored postpartum period
  • Tests and complications—no scare tactics, no intimidation; just good, well-researched information about the ways you can best prevent and prepare for challenges
  • Partners, friends, and family—our best tips for your whole support team
  • The many faces of mama—adoption, surrogacy, fostering, and the beautiful variety of motherhood experiences
  • Answers to the most common questions mamas have about finances, maternity leave, baby gear, relationships with family, nutrition, fitness and much more 

Reviews for The Motherly Guide to Becoming Mama

By staying true to goal to make the pregnancy book that we wished we had, we created a guide that is resonating with expectant and new parents around the world. Since the release of The Motherly Guide to Becoming Mama, we’ve heard feedback from hundreds of people. Here’s a sample of what they’ve said…

“This is a beautiful book! I wanted a pregnancy book with a kind tone and this is it. It speaks to every type of pregnancy situation and makes the reader feel like they’re doing everything right, which is important when it’s all very new information. I felt secure reading it. Some pregnancy books are very judgmental and have a harsh tone, but this one is friendly and encouraging. The illustrations are also really nice!” —Becca

“The book does more than just walk you through the pregnancy and birth process—it’s an essential guide and cheerleader every step of the way. I loved how the tone is familiar yet not condescending or cloying, and it covers just about anything someone who is expecting or looking to might want to know and more.” —Amanda

“Genuinely one of the best pregnancy and motherhood books. I bought as a second-time mom and wish I had it with my first as well. I love the fourth trimester chapters and that it isn’t filled with worries and what ifs. Wonderful approach to the full mind, body and soul journey of pregnancy and postpartum.” —Ashley

“It is a refreshing, energizing and compassionate read! Even after having two babies, I found new pearls of wisdom in this book.”


“I have read every book that I can get my hands on about pregnancy, labor and delivery, and newborn care. This is by far the most comprehensive guide I’ve come across. It starts at getting pregnant (making the decision, how to conceive, dealing with infertility and loss) and goes all the way through the 4th trimester. Very reassuring tone. It’s like talking to an experienced friend. If you only get one pregnancy book, get this one!” —Katherine

“My friend got me this book and I ended up getting rid of all the rest. It was the only book that made me feel comforted reading instead of a list of worrying and ‘to-dos.’ It emphasizes the importance of mama. It stresses that whatever decision you decide if you do it with love it is the right decision, a very important concept when there are SO many decisions to make during pregnancy and after. I just bought this for my other friend as well I hope it eases her anxieties as much as it did mine.” —Maria

At Motherly, it’s truly our honor to help support, empower and celebrate mothers through every stage. With The Motehrly Guide to Becoming Mama, we hope you fill feel every bit of the confidence you deserve.

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