It’s the second trimester! Here’s what to do + learn


If you’ve been counting the days until your second trimester begins, you aren’t the first. For many mamas, this is a glorious stage of pregnancy when less-than-pleasant symptoms from the first trimester ease up and overall energy improves. By this point, your baby’s (or babies’!) arrival doesn’t feel like the distant future either. That makes this a good opportunity to plan while keeping your emotional and physical health in check.  With bite-sized classes specially created for this moment in your pregnancy, you can get the support you need without getting caught up in too many details that can wait until later.

Here’s what you need to know about pregnancy classes to support you + your baby during the second trimester:

What should I expect during the second trimester of pregnancy?

Stretching from Week 13 through Week 27 of pregnancy, a lot happens during the second trimester. The nausea and exhaustion common during the first trimester often dissipates, but your growing belly is all the reminder you need that you’re pregnant—and just wait until you start feeling baby kicks and flips!

During the second trimester, you will continue on with regular appointments with a doctor or midwife. It also isn’t too soon to start thinking about a birth plan. With the tools, explanations and resources, Motherly’s digital Second Trimester classes are designed to help you feel empowered as you get closer and closer to *birth day.*

What should I learn about during the second trimester of pregnancy?

  1. Common physical symptoms during the second trimester

Out with many unpleasant symptoms, in with… some new changes to your body. In Motherly’s Preparing for Your Second Trimester Class, Pediatric Nurse and Certified Doula Diana Spalding covers what to know about changes to your body and upcoming doctors appointments.

  1. What to know about Gestational Diabetes

Between weeks 24 and 28, your health care provider will likely request you get a Gestational Diabetes test. (If you are at higher risk, you might do the test sooner.) In Motherly’s Preparing for Your Second Trimester Class, Diana comprehensively explains what to know about the screening and Gestational Diabetes.

  1. What to know about pregnancy sex

As your body changes through pregnancy, there can be some new questions and concerns about intimacy. Although every person and every couple’s experiences will vary during pregnancy, this can be a very sensuous time. In Motherly’s Sex + Relationships During Pregnancy Class, you will get insight and support for your love life. 

  1. What is coming next

As you look toward the home stretch, it’s time to start thinking about your birth plan. Part of that is considering common possibilities, such as a cesarean birth. In Motherly’s Cesearan Births Class, Diana Spalding is joined by Ob-Gyn and Reproductive Endocrinologist Dr. Aimee Evyazzadeh to discuss c-sections.

What should I know about online pregnancy classes from Motherly?

The classes are self-paced

When you purchase a digital class from Motherly, it’s yours to watch, pause, rewind and rewatch as many times as you want. By having the freedom to use these classes on your own terms and own time, you can maximize what you learn—and feel more empowered in the process.

The content comes directly from experts

Our expert-driven, woman-centered classes allow you to learn from leading health, fitness and wellness professionals—no matter where you are located. 

You can discover what works for you

Every pregnancy experience is different. With a selection of classes to suit your goals and lifestyle, you can feel empowered to make the decisions that are right for you. Our classes provide expert guidance and support to help you feel confident.

What are Motherly’s Second Trimester Classes?

Sex and Relationships During Pregnancy ($14)

Taught by Dr. Kristen Mark, a Behavioral Health Scientist, this informative, 14-minute video explores the topic of sex during pregnancy. By breaking down typical patterns and featuring bonus materials, this class will help you find your groove, mama.

Preparing for Your Second Trimester ($14)

In this class, we’ll discuss your doctor’s appointments, symptoms and give you a comprehensive overview of Gestational Diabetes to help prepare you for this next leg of the journey. The class also includes links to additional videos, resources and podcasts.

The Motherly Birth Class ($24)

Including 12 video lessons and a detailed workbook, this is the birth class made for mamas. Community-inspired, expert-driven and woman-centered, this class celebrates the wonder of your amazing body and your baby while giving you the tools you need for an empowering birth experience. 

We independently select and share the products we love—and may receive a commission if you choose to buy. You’ve got this.

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