Katy Perry in postpartum underwear is the realness moms need to see 👏


[Editor’s note: Pregnant mamas are superheroes and deserve all the support. As mamas who’ve been
there, we’ve selected the

best products for pregnancy

in The Motherly Shop. We’ve got you, mama.]

Katy Perry recently

gave birth to daughter Daisy Dove Bloom

and she just shared the most perfect postpartum selfie to her Instagram Stories. She’s wearing
postpartum underwear while pumping and is serving 100% realness.

We are so here for this, Katy! For so long, celebrities were supposed to pretend that giving birth
was no big deal and that bodies just magically transform back to their pre-pregnancy appearance
within days. But it’s 2020 and we’ve been busting the ”

bounce back” myth for years

and love to see a

high profile mama being real

about how hard postpartum recovery actually is!


Katy Perry is confidently rocking postpartum underwear and a pumping bra and we love to see it.

It’s a reminder that society needs to acknowledge that bumps don’t just disappear, bleeding can
last for weeks and pumping is basically a full-time job. We need the world to know that so that
mothers can get the support and time they need to heal.

Researchers suggest

childbirth is as traumatic to the body as many endurance sports

. But when athletes cross the finish line, people expect them to spend a few weeks recovering.

Moms don’t get the same grace in our society

, and often don’t even get the medical treatment they need.

As Diana Spalding, midwife and Motherly’s Digital Education Editor and Birth Expert,

has said

, “You would never expect someone to clean their house a few days after having surgery, or to run
errands when they are getting over the flu—so why do we expect ourselves to

snap out of

giving birth? Pregnancy and birth are not ailments, but they are the real deal. Be gentle on
yourself, and allow your body to heal.”

Too many moms don’t get the time to heal, or are pressured into thinking that they should be
“bouncing back” into their pre-pregnancy jeans way too early (

or having sex too early

—nearly a third of millennial moms are having postpartum sex before they feel ready).

It’s pretty clear Perry’s not super concerned about looking sexy for Orlando Bloom right now
(although he might be into this look) because her underwear is more about function than fashion
these days.

We tracked down her mom-semble which you can shop below along with some of our personal favorites
for postpartum recovery.

Medela easy expression bustier

medela hands free pumping bra

Not entirely dissimilar from some of the creative outfits we’ve seen Perry wear on stage, this is
functional mamawear at its finest. Designed to make double pumping while multitasking simple and
comfortable, this bandeau-style bra leaves your arms and hands free while you pump. And with a 4.3
star review, it’s high on the must-have list for pumping mamas.


Frida Mom disposable underwear

Frida Mom disposable underwear

The kindest of nurses will hand you a pile of mesh underwear to stash in your bag before you bust
out of the hospital. But no need to ration them. Frida Mom’s disposable, C-section
recovery-friendly disposable underwear have you, well, covered. Super-stretchy and breathable, they
come in a package of eight and are ideal for those first days postpartum.


Belly Bandit c-section recovery briefs

Belly Bandit c-section recovery briefs

If disposable undies aren’t your thing or you’re thinking a little longer term, these high-waisted
C-section recovery briefs are awesome. They feature silver-infused fibers help eliminate bacteria
and odor and feel soft and gentle against your incision.

Proof leak proof undies

proof leak proof undies

From postpartum bleeding to monthly periods, we’re loving the Proof Lace Cheeky panty which
combines powerful leak protection with a style that feels like real undies. Their patented
Leak-Loc™ system makes them one of the best performing protective panties we’ve found.

Bandita nursing bra

Belly Bandit bandita nursing bra

Wireless, breathable and supportive, yet soft enough to sleep in, this nursing bra checks all the
boxes. Easy to release clips make negotiating a squirmy baby and full boobs a breeze. (Well, as
much as possible, anyway.)

Mother Tucker compression tank

Mother Tucker compression tank

Wireless comfort for your breasts, easy access for nursing and flexible support for your postpartum
belly and back. You can totally tell this is a tank top designed for and by breastfeeding moms.
It’s perfect for keeping your belly comfortably covered while whipping the goods right out the top.

We independently select and share the products we love—and may receive a commission if you
choose to buy. You’ve got this.

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