Lamaze Podcast Gives Tips for Parents on Advancing Labor

Lamaze Podcast Gives Tips for Parents on Advancing Labor


Did you know that Lamaze has a podcast? Designed for parents and professionals alike, the Lamaze podcast shares tips and best evidence for labor, birth, and more in less than an hour. Listen on Spotify or directly at the Lamaze podcast link.

The latest episode, “Progressing Labor without Pitocin,” shares information about alternative strategies for progressing (moving forward) a slow or stalled labor. In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • Why Pitocin is used and how often
  • What else is required in a labor with Pitocin
  • How to prepare your body in pregnancy
  • How and when Pitocin can be decreased or turned off 
  • All about the “flying cowgirl” position and other unique positions for labor
  • 7 Pitocin alternatives to advance labor 
  • Link for more resources

The use of Pitocin in labor can be helpful, but carries risks and is often over-used. Learn more about the use of Pitocin and other interventions in labor. 

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