Podcast Alert! Learn All About Exposures in Pregnancy & Breastfeeding with MotherToBaby


How will [FILL IN THE BLANK] affect my pregnancy? might just be the number one worry during pregnancy. Everything from caffeine to factory fumes — people want to know how what they do and where they work and live can impact their baby’s health.

MotherToBaby is a nonprofit organization that provides free expert information about medications and other exposures, like chemicals, vaccines, herbal products, environmental hazards, and health conditions, during pregnancy and breastfeeding / body feeding. We have shared resources and guest posts from MotherToBaby for years. Now, you can access this vital information through The MotherToBaby Podcast!

In less than 25 minutes per episode, learn about one of the many common exposures you may encounter in pregnancy and after birth. No topic is off-limits, and there is no judgement — just information. Recent podcast topics include:

You can’t avoid every possible exposure in pregnancy, but being informed about the most critical exposures that could affect your life situation allows you to make different choices when you can. MotherToBaby provides evidence-based information along with invaluable support through through their call-in help line and online live chat tool. Check out their website for more information, and their podcast page for a list of all topics. 



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