Pregnancy Calendar – Week 13


I don’t feel like I personally have that much to report this week. I flew from xxx to yyy for a few days, where I spent the first day telling anyone who would listen about HOW MUCH BETTER I WAS FEELING, OH I HAVEN’T THROWN UP IN DAYS AND I REALLY FEEL MY ENERGY RETURNING. Then I returned to my hotel room after dinner and proceeded to yak up everything I’d eaten that day. And then I went to bed and slept for 12 straight hours.

Air travel is perfectly safe for most pregnant women, really, but you should always tell your doctor about any trips in case he/she does think there’s a risk involved for you. Try to request an aisle seat, both for easier potty access and for regular short walks up and down the aisles. Pregnant women are more vulnerable to that deep-vein thrombosis thing, especially on longer flights at higher altitudes. So don’t cross your legs while seated and get up to move around at least once an hour. Trust me, the movie probably sucks and you’ve seen that episode of 30 Rock like a dozen times.

When I got home, Jason couldn’t get over the size my belly, which definitely seemed to pop a little further while I was gone. Some of my bump’s size can still be blamed on bloating (and I am SO SURE that my dinner of airport McDonald’s had NOTHING to do with it), but I am definitely showing already, much more than I did last time. With the exception of one lonely pair of stretchy low-rise jeans, I am in elastic waistband land and feeling rather lumpy. I’m also going to say that I’m noticing that general sort of pregnancy “spread” — my upper arms and face look fuller, as do my thighs.

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