Pregnancy is a period in a woman’s life when pointless to say, several internal and external changes are occurring on a daily basis. There is a life, a whole new person growing inside of you and when this person is born, he or she will be totally helpless and dependent on you. To some women, this is a source of joy and excitement as they anticipate the response of motherhood-especially the first time, to others; it is a source of a particular type of depression: Pregnancy Depression.

Although pregnancy depression can be triggered by the pregnancy and associated factors itself, it may be as a result of a previous state of other forms of depression. This is why being depressed while being pregnant should be addressed and approached differently.

What must be of uttermost concern is: there is a life inside of you, consequently, extra care must be taken on how to treat pregnancy depression as anything you ingest does have the tendency of getting into your baby’s bloodstream.

To this effect, some women, after discovering the side-effects of several of the so-called anti-depression drugs, make the decision to cease the use of some popular depression medications even as they may be going through pregnancy depression. Perhaps the fear of exposing their babies to the numerous side-effects of depression drugs may be the main concern. Well, it’s safe to say this may be a wise choice. However, what can one do as an alternative for treating depression during pregnancy?

There are other options.

Based on research on drug-free healing for human ailments, the following three limbs of drug-less healing may be sufficient as pregnancy depression treatment options and I will have you know that after the delivery of your child, they can still be used effectively in place of synthetic, side-effect laden depression drugs.


Proper Exercise

This method exercises the motor centers of the brain, making the blood flow away from the emotional activity center; consequently one becomes more receptive to positive thoughts. Though I personally recommend yoga for its numerous therapeutic effects on depression, depending on the stage of your pregnancy, it may not be the safest choice, at least not while you’re pregnant. However, there are some poses you can use that alleviate pregnancy depression and actually will strengthen the lower body in preparation for childbirth. They include The ‘corpse/relaxation pose’, the ‘Diamond/Vajrasana Pose’, The ‘Eagle Pose’, ‘Lord of the Dance Pose’, ‘Tree Pose’ and Simple ‘Yogic Square breathing exercises’. Of course, exercises of the western culture such as walking, use of treadmills, bikes and things of that nature can be integrated as alternatives for exercise.

Proper Diet:

Ladies think about this quote by the Father of Medicine, Hippocrates: “let your foods be your medicine and your medicine your foods…” Needless to say for your health and that of the baby’s, it will be essential that you eat properly. This includes knowing what, when and how to eat even the proper foods for nourishment.

-Positive Thinking:


“Be renewed by the transformation of your thoughts” (Rom 12:2)

That quote says it all. What and how you think plays a very important role in your life and how you view it. This also dictates your actions towards fixing the things that may be causing or aggravating your depression during pregnancy. Read up on self-help books, your religious books (if applicable) and helpful media sources that support and promotes positive thinking.

Pregnancy depression, like other forms of depression, can be controlled and ultimately overcome. Empower yourself with the necessary knowledge and tools needed to accomplish this.

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