Pregnant this Hot, Hot Summer? Manage with these Tips for Staying Cool

In many places across the world this summer, the temperature is HOT. Sun, heat, and humidity make it more challenging for most people to spend any length of time outdoors, but even more so when you’re pregnant. Whether you’re headed to the beach, a barbecue, a wedding, or just doing some gardening, it’s wise to take extra steps to stay cool and hydrated. Dehydration over a long period of time in pregnancy can increase the risk of preterm labor and other complications, so it’s always a good idea to be mindful! 

Hydrate. When you’re pregnant, dehydration can not only make you feel bad, but it can also lead to a trip to the emergency room for IV fluids. If you can’t stomach regularly drinking plain water, try a naturally flavored water or carbonated water. Keep track of how much you drink by purchasing a large refillable water bottle and refilling a couple of times a day. All drinks, as well as fruits and vegetables, will also help you stay hydrated. 

Stay shady. If you’re outside for a long period of time, find the shade when possible, even if it means taking a break from the fun. Moving from full sun to shade can lower the temperature by more than 30°!

BYO cool. Portable cooling devices are popular and come in a variety of options, from cooling neck wraps and towels, to portable fans and mini air conditioners. You can spend as little as $10 on a cooling wrap.

Pay attention to your body. Pregnant or not, it’s always a good idea to listen to what you’re body is trying to tell you. If you’re in the heat and start to feel overly hot or flushed, dizzy, lightheaded, or nauseous, find a cooler spot as soon as possible as these are all possible signs of heat stroke. Alert a friend/partner that you’re not feeling well so they can check on you. 

Dress cooler. Wearing the right fabrics (think linen and technical fabrics) and types of clothing can have a huge impact on how comfortable you are when it’s hot out. Wearing a hat, pulling up your hair, and dressing in light colors all work wonders to help cool you down.  

Just say no. If you’re invited to an outdoor celebration, but the mere thought of spending more than five minutes in the summer sun has you feeling faint, it’s ok to decline the invitation. Offer to meet with friends or family another time, preferably indoors where it’s cool.


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