Questions to Guide Your Birth Vision Board


A vision board isn’t just a fun arts and crafts activity — it is a tool that can help you work through and realize your goals. You can create a vision board for different purposes — the new year, your career path, your spring wardrobe, a new house, and even your birth! 

Unlike a birth plan, which is a more specific tool for working through the multitude of choices available in birth and communicating your preferences to your birth team, a birth vision board invites you to imagine your preferred birth experience through pictures. Psychology Today says vision boards “help us gain self-awareness and self-reflect on what is important to us.” A vision board isn’t a crystal ball, but by creating a physical representation of your desired experience, you can increase your sense of optimism and positive emotions about your upcoming birth. The article goes on to say that, “positive emotions often create opportunities and increase the chances of success.”

If you’re ready to start creating your birth vision board, use the following guiding questions and prompts to help inspire you through the process. 

Birth Vision Board Prompts

  • Imagine the ideal space where you give birth. Let your imagination run free with this — it doesn’t have to be the space where you’re currently scheduled to give birth.
  • Imagine how you’ll feel. 
  • What sounds make you feel most calm, encouraged, confident?
  • What smells relax you?
  • Who are the people most supportive of you, even if these people cannot attend your birth?
  • What colors are you drawn to, do you find energy and soothing with?
  • Imagine the lighting at your ideal birth. 
  • In what kinds of ways do you like being taken care of?
  • What does love look like?
  • What does confidence look like?
  • What words or affirmations encourage and support you?
  • What kinds of textures do you love to touch? 
  • What does joy look like? 
  • Which animals or elements from the natural world do you find the most comfort or joy in?


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