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Are you a lovely Mummy with a lot of experience or an expert in parenting like a Doctor, Midwife, Nurse or Douala? Do you want to reach a mass audience? Do you want to write for then keep reading for more information. At you can be confident that your post here will get you some needed exposure for your blog or business.

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Rules of engagement

POST must be

  1. Original, Not copied from you website, blog, book, magazine etc.
  2. NOT Fewer THAN 300 WORDS
  3. Used only here, it cannot be republished on another blog, website etc now on in the future.
  4. Be the only one on our blog and must NEVER have been treated on this blog.
  5. Replied by you in case comments are left on it. Backlinks will be removed if you fail to respond to users who took out time to comment.
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    Updating of different links several times after post goes live will not be accepted.
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  8. Guest posts are unpaid.

Note: We reserve the right to modify your guest article, before publishing and to reject post that we feel is not appropriate for this blog or for the niche it belongs to.

If you have interest in writing for us and having your post published, please send your post in PLAIN TEXT (NO attachment) to

Adding your details and Bio?

You can add you details, image of you and any other thing you wish to promote about yourself on your User page, we are more than willing to push your personal profile.

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Please send your sponsored post to and we would reply you with sponsorship details if you represent a company or agency and want to include links to sites within your post.

We may not accept posts written on behalf of your company or client except you agree it’s a sponsored post.

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