Solly Baby and Expectful Partner to Bring Mothers the Care They Deserve

Solly Baby and Expectful Partner to Bring Mothers the Care They Deserve


Expectful has announced a partnership with Solly Baby, the creator of the beloved baby wraps made to bring families together and keep parents and infants calm and connected. The two brands share a commitment to improving the pregnancy and postpartum experience through research-backed products that can help both mom and baby thrive.

According to a study recently published in the Journal of Midwifery, up to 40% of patients report depression or anxiety symptoms in pregnancy; with increased feelings of stress being nearly universal. Stress during pregnancy is linked to adverse outcomes including preterm birth, low birth weight, postpartum depression, and maternal self-harm. Patients who meditated daily with the Expectful app and completed the Perceived Stress Scale (PSS) self-assessment at 15 weeks and 28 weeks, scored significantly lower than those who did not adopt a daily meditation practice.

“In my twentieth week of pregnancy, I found out that I was at high risk for preterm labor. It created a tremendous amount of stress, stress that didn’t end after my son was born either,” says Nathalie Walton, CEO and Co-Founder of Expectful. “Our partnership with Solly Baby will allow us to increase access to Expectful and share the science-backed benefits of meditation to increase connection and reduce stress and anxiety with new moms in the Solly community.”

Community is Everything

When it comes to bringing a new baby into the world, the old saying is true, it takes a village, but how do you find yours? Beginning September 6th, 2022, pre and postnatal people alike can enjoy the benefits of this partnership when they shop the Solly Baby website or download the Expectful app.

Through the partnership, Expectful users will have access to nutritionists, lactation consultants, doulas and midwives, and more via the new Solly Baby podcast. Solly Baby customers will also be able to claim an exclusive 1-month free trial of the Expectful app through February 2023 with any purchase of a Solly Baby product.

“It’s no secret that babywearing increases the connection between the wearer and baby,” says Solly Baby CEO Neil Kee, “but it can actually reduce the risk of postpartum depression, too. Our partnership with Expectful feels like a natural extension of what our products already do—support physiological and emotional wellness during the postpartum period and beyond.”

Unlock a more mindful pregnancy and birth.

About Solly Baby

Solly Baby is the creator of the cult-followed Solly Wrap and beloved collection of buttery-soft baby essentials thoughtfully and beautifully designed to bring comfort, connection and confidence to the journey of parenthood. Visit to learn more.

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