The Bloom Method takes the mystery out of prenatal and postnatal exercise


Physical activity has been a central part of my life for as long as I can remember. From an early age, I watched my parents run races and my mom plan out the next aerobics class she was teaching. Soon enough, I developed my own love for fitness—not only because of the physical strength it help me feel, but also because of how it helped me feel emotionally. Although the way I exercised evolved throughout the years, the routine of breaking a sweat was always a constant.

When I became pregnant for the first time in 2015, I hoped that I could continue working out. But, I also knew there would be some new considerations to keep in mind while “exercising for two.” I couldn’t believe how much more easily winded I was so early on in pregnancy!

With my doctor’s support, I looked into ways to modify my favorite workouts and start new exercises designed specifically for expectant mamas. Then, after my baby arrived, I pursued my life-long dream of getting a fitness certification and went on to teach group classes. As thorough as my training was, I was surprised and disappointed to learn how little guidance there was in general for expectant and postpartum moms. I wondered why was it that we were left to “figure it out” on our own during a time when we should get the most support?

A better method for prenatal and postnatal fitness

At the time, I had to piece everything together on my own. Fast-forward to today when mamas have a much better alternative: The Bloom Method, an on-demand pre- and postnatal fitness studio that has more than 300 classes available to stream to your own screen. With 10 fitness styles, there is truly something for every person’s interests and fitness level—from Cardio HIIT to postnatal yoga and everything in between.

But, here’s what really sets The Bloom Method apart: the method itself. Through a blend of functional movements and dynamic practices that support your core and pelvic floor, The Bloom Method isn’t just a way to workout. It’s a way to prepare for labor, recover during the postpartum period and strengthen your body for the unique challenges of motherhood.

The Method began to take its shape in 2009 when founder Brooke Cates became a Pre- and Postnatal Corrective Exercise Specialist. However, it was her hands-on experience helping hundreds of real women heal and prevent Diastasis Recti, incontinence and other pregnancy-related injuries, that really became the foundation for The Method. Since launching on-demand classes in 2018, The Bloom Method has expanded its reach to support thousands of mamas around the world during their prenatal and postnatal fitness journeys.

What to keep in mind while finding a fitness class

Each of us have our own histories and beliefs around exercise. Whether you come to it reluctantly or enthusiastically, the best way to be successful is by finding a workout that feels emotionally restorative to you—rather than simply a task you’re checking off the list. With such a wide variety of classes (including express ones!) through The Bloom Method, you can jump right into what you already know and love or experiment until you found a class that’s right for you.

Want more direction on where to start? Motherly teamed up with The Bloom Method to offer three incredible classes available for purchase without a membership. This is a great way to see what The Bloom Method is all about while owning a class that you can take at anytime.

During pregnancy and while postpartum, there are additional physical considerations to keep in mind. The challenge can be that you don’t always know what questions to ask. That’s why it’s so important to get guidance from your healthcare provider and to work with a fitness expert experienced with moms—like those at The Bloom method. The Method itself is recommended by doctors, midwives, physical therapists and moms from around the world, while each of the classes are thoughtfully designed to support moms through each stage.

As The Bloom Method’s founder previously said for Motherly, “Pregnancy and birth have the ability to show us what real strength is, and how we treat our bodies in the days following this incredible journey sets the stage for our level of self-love for years to come. I want to help women feel capable and strong in their bodies while honoring what their bodies have accomplished. The need to ‘get our bodies back’ has to shift to a mindset of ’embracing the newfound strength that is a gift from pregnancy and birth.’”

Prenatal and postnatal exercise is all about meeting your body where it is today and supporting it for what it will do tomorrow. With guidance from The Bloom Method, you’ve got this, mama.

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