These will be the most popular baby names of 2022


If you’re expecting a baby in 2022, you already know there is no shortage of names to choose from. But if you’re into popular baby names—either because you like them or you want to steer clear of them—it looks like 2022 is going to be full of pop culture inspiration, the classics, and a few surprises along the way.

Here are our predictions for baby name trends in the new year:

Traditional names

It felt like 2021 was all about modern boho vibes—from interior decor to baby names. Based on fluctuating trends and what interior designers are predicting for 2022, we think parents will be looking more to the classics this year compared to years past.

Examples: Charlotte, Isabelle, Abigail, Henry, Oliver, James.

Celtic names

Thanks to the everlasting popularity of Outlander and the picturesque charm of Scotland and Ireland, we think we’ll see more of these lilt-y, strong, free spirit names in the new year.

Examples: Saoirse, Sabrina, Brianna, Ronan, Owen, Gavin.

Musical names

Since the dawn of time, parents love getting their inspiration from songs and musicians. This year will be no different!

Examples: Lennon, Aria, Melody, Chord, Jazz, Lyric.

Astrological names

For many, astrology isn’t a trend, it’s a lifestyle. So it only makes sense for parents who are in tune to the sun, the stars, and the moon to honor their babies with other-worldly names.

Examples: Luna, Celeste, Aurora, Atlas, Cosmo, Orion.

Baby names inpsired by pop culture

For fans of Ted Lasso

Ted Lasso and his cunning optimism got us through 2021, okay? So it makes sense if your love for the show will spill out into your baby’s name.

Examples: Keeley, Rebecca, Mae, Roy, Trent, and, of course, Ted.

For fans of Succession

If you’re feeling a void in your life from finishing the most recent season of Succession, you’re not alone. Thankfully, there are actually many cute and solid name ideas from the show. (Maybe the characters are unseemly, but their names are not.)

Examples: Siobhan (Shiv), Gerry, Willa, Karolina, Greg, Logan, Roman, Connor, Tom.

For Bridgerton fans

The much-anticipated second season of the hit Netflix show will hit our screens (and our hearts) in early 2022. What better way to find name inspiration than the glitzy Regency era?

Examples: Violet, Penelope, Eloise, Daphne, Katherine (Kate), Anthony, Benedict, Colin, Simon, Gregory.

For HBO Max fans

Maybe you’re obsessed with And Just Like That. Perhaps Mare of Easttown is more your speed. Did The White Lotus keep you up at night? Good news: there’s no shortage of choices here.

Examples: Mare, Carrie, Tanya, Lori, Colin, Armond, Stanford

While all of these names are fun (and may very well be big hits in 2022), remember: whatever name you decide to choose for your baby is the right one, mama. Congratulations and happy new year!

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