These will be the most popular baby names of 2023


The massive global events during the last few years affect everything—the societal changes even trickle down to popular baby names. Because, as history tells us, every new era ushers in new trends!

When it comes to baby names, some classics will always stick around. But thanks to pop culture and everyone’s collective feelings of renewal at the start of a new year, new is the name of the name game. Based on constantly fluctuating trends, we think parents are going to be looking for inspiration anywhere and everywhere for baby names in 2023.

Classic baby names

Classic baby names are classic for many reasons—history being one of them. They never go out of style, and they’re strong without being strange. Here are some traditional favorites we see in the upcoming year.

Examples: Abigail, Claire, Victoria, Frederick, Patrick, Zachary

Spooky baby names

If one thing’s for sure, it’s that Halloween is popular year-round. Spooky season is a favorite for many, many people—and getting a little gothic inspo for baby names is a pretty cool idea.

Examples: Winifred, Coraline, Regan, Thorn, Dexter, Binx

Celestial baby names

Much like last year, we’ve learned that astrology and moon phases aren’t necessarily a trend for many people, they’re a lifestyle. So it only makes sense for parents who are in tune to the sun, the stars, and the moon to honor their babies with other-worldly names.

Examples: Astraea, Luna, Stella, Leo, Jericho, Ash

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Magical baby names

After the last few years, we’re all looking for a bit of whimsy and escapism. What better way to honor your new baby than by giving them a magical moniker?

Examples: Adeline, Faye, Delilah, Caspian, Finn, Jasper

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Baby names inspired by pop culture

There is no shortage of inspiration from popular television shows, music, movies, and more.

For fans of “Stranger Things”

These ’80s names are so much better than the ones many of us millennials have been stuck with, amiright?

Examples: Max, Robin, Nancy, Lucas, William, Dustin

For fans of “House of the Dragon”

Remember when so many baby girls (and dogs) were named Daenarys back in the day? Yep, well, this is the franchise that keeps on giving when it comes to name inspiration.

Examples: Rhaenyra, Halaena, Talya, Daemon, Arryk, Larys

For fans of “The White Lotus”

Last year, we predicted “Tanya” would be a popular name in 2022, and if that wasn’t the case, well, what better way to honor the character (R.I.P.) than to do it in 2023? If that’s not your style, maybe these season two names are.

Examples: Harper, Daphne, Mia, Cameron, Ethan, Jack (honorable mentions go out to Lucia and Quentin)

For fans of “Love is Blind”

Whether you love them or hate them, the cast members from this show (more seasons are coming in 2023) all have strong personalities—which means you never forget their names.

Examples: Alexa, Nancy, Raven, Cole, Brennan, and Bartise (or Barstool, Fartise, and any other variation that isn’t his name that fans of the show labeled him with because he was, without a doubt, The Worst)

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While all of these names are fun (and may very well be big hits in 2023), remember: Whatever name you decide to choose for your baby is the right one, mama. Congratulations and happy new year!

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